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Isabella Grace Winery

Isabella Grace Winery Isabella Grace, our winery's namesake, is my great aunt. She was born in Italy, an only child, and immigrated to the United States with her family in the early nineteen hundreds. To the family's chagrin, Isabella never married and frittered her life away, traveling the globe on the arms of vagabonds and gamblers. Heirloom family pictures reveal Isabella as having a beautiful Rubinesque figure, a long French braid, and porcelain skin. We have attempted to capture the heart and soul of Isabella in our label and in our wines; full bodied yet supple, elegant yet approachable, and always a rousing dinner companion.


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28611 SE 204th Street, Maple Valley, WA, US, 98038 Email:
Phone: 425-941-6364 Web:
Fax: 425-432-0326
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