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Rettig Hill Winery

Rettig Hill Winery RWe are an estate winery that practices grape growing and winemaking according to old world traditions. Our vines are cared for by hand and our grapes are carefully hand harvested to ensure that only quality grapes go into our wines. Although our vineyard and winemaking practices play an important part in the quality of our wines, the soils found in our vineyard and the warm growing season found in southeastern Indiana ensure our production of fine wines. As many grape growers and winemakers in Indiana have discovered, quality grapes can be grown and fine wines are made in our state.


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2679 E Hwy 350, Milan, IN, US, 47031 Email:
Phone: 317-460-0542 Web:
Fax: 317-898-2984
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  Belle Rouge
Dry and medium bodied red wine made with our estate Aurore and Leon Millot grapes and aged in American oak barrels made with oak harvested from the Hoosier National Forest. Spice and red fruit aromas yield to strawberry, rhubarb, red currant and spice flavors.
  Cabernet Franc\Syrah
A dry and red fruit forward dry red wine made with our estate Cabernet Franc and Syrah grapes. Aged in American oak, bright fruit flavors are accented by spice.
Semi sweet blush wine made with grapes grown nearby in Ripley and Dearborn Counties. Its ripe strawberry aroma is a prelude to flavors of strawberry, red grapefruit and cherry.
Aged in American Oak, this full bodied red wine is made with our estate Chambourcin grapes. The aroma of this wine includes dark and red fruits, mocha, earth, and spice. The enticing aromas are followed by a mix of red and dark fruit mixed with spice.
DeChaunac grapes grown in our estate vineyards and Dornfleder grapes grown in nearby vineyards in Ripley County combine to make a full bodied and dry red wine. Aged in Amercian Oak, this wine exudes both aromas and flavors of dark fruits and spice.
  Estate Vidal Blanc
Dry white wine made from our estate Vidal Blanc grapes. Aged in American oak made with oak harvested from the Hoosier National Forest, our estate Vidal Blanc is a medium bodied wine featuring aromas of spice, melon, and citrus and flavors including melon, peach and tropical fruit.
  Grand Rouge
A dry and full-bodied red wine made with our estate Villard Noir and Norton grapes. Aging in American oak enhances aromas and flavors of red fruit and spice.
Dry and medium bodied white wine made with our estate Traminette grapes. Heady aromas of lychee fruit and flowers combine with citrus flavors.
  Vidal Blanc
Semi-sweet white wine made from Vidal Blanc grapes grown in Ripley County, Indiana. This wine has fresh tropical aromas along with tropical, citrus and apple flavors.
Full bodied dry white wine made from our estate Vignoles grapes. A light tropical bouquet is followed by peach, honey and subtle tropical flavors.


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