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English Newsom Cellars

English Newsom Cellars English Newsom Cellars is located in Lubbock Texas, a pivotal city in the Texas High Plains. The winery is owned by Tommy English and Steve Newsom. Steve Newsom grows all our grapes in his vineyards in Sundown, located in Hockley County, which is located directly west of Lubbock County. All of our wines are made exclusively with Steve & Cindy Newsom Vineyard’s grapes, making us one of a handful of wineries in the country that have full control of our product from how it’s grown in the vineyard, to how it’s produced and bottled. Caprock Winery was established in 1988, by a group of investors led by Dr. Jim Crisp. Crisp and his partners named the winery “Teysha Cellars”. Crisp was a wine connoisseur and had huge aspirations. He and his partners built Teysha to be in competition with wineries in California. Though Teysha Cellars is no longer and the building was renamed Caprock winery, we are thankful to be reaping the benefits of their dreams and aspirations. In December of 2013, Caprock Winery was in a transition phase giving Tommy and Jana English the perfect opportunity to make their mark on the Texas Wine Industry. Tommy being a real-estate developer, bought the building as a real-estate investment. He and his wife Jana saw Caprock as a hidden treasure. The English’s began to renovate the building, the landscape, and much more but were missing one piece of their puzzle…a family who knew the wine industry. The missing piece of the puzzle came together when the treasure the English’s had brought to light, was partnered with one of the largest growers in Texas, Steve Newsom. In January of 2018, a partnership with Steve and Cindy Newsom was developed with aspirations to rebrand the company and create a game changing production plan. English Newsom Cellars is proud to have full control of all our products, and are using only the highest quality grapes. This means we know what is happening with our products from soil to glass. We not only make English Newsom award winning wines, but also have one of the largest production facilities in the state of Texas. We offer custom production services for other wineries and vineyards across the state. We make 100% of our own product and are proud to be 100% Texas made.


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408 E Woodrow Road, Lubbock, TX, US, 79423 Email:
Phone: 806-863-2704 Web:
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  Blush Royale
This is what a Blush should be- a beautiful red color with the flavors of cherry, strawberry, and a hint of sweetness makes this blush produced from Ruby Cabernet is a year-round pleasure.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
The perfect Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec produce this exceptional wine. Barrel aged for 12 months, it is smooth, exciting and friendly to the taste.
This wine retains all the wonderful fruit character of the grape- citrus, apple, pear, and the flavors of vanilla and butter. Aged half in oak and half in stainless steal to allow this wine to fully mature.
The mighty Merlot grape takes center stage with plum, spice and cherry flavors with the beautiful dark red color. This wine is balanced with a silky finish.
  Palo Duro Canyon Red
True to the Texas Tradition, mild mannered but strong, this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Merlot carries on that tradition. A balance of spices, color, texture and a smooth finish makes this wine a repeat choice.
  Palo Duro Canyon White
The subtle flavors of lemongrass, citrus and oak are mingled with Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Muscat Canelli grapes. A perfect wine for any setting.
  Proprietary Collection Texas White
Enjoy the semi-dry wine loaded with peach, pear, apple and floral flavors any time or any place. A real table wine.
  Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine has a balanced bouquet, complexity and exotic flavors- black cherries/raspberry aromas, plum, spice, tobacco and herb flavors and the beautiful finish of chocolate complemented by 18 months of French Oak barrel aging.
  Reserve Chardonnay
Floral, buttery and oak combined with the flavors of green apples pear, vanilla and citrus make this an outstanding Chardonnay. The wine is 100% barrel fermented and aged in medium French/American Hybrid oak barrels for 10 months.
  Reserve Merlot
French and American oak aging bring alive the true flavors of a Merlot- plum, cherry, cassis and a hint of the terrior of the Texas High Plains. A long and silky finish for complete pleasure.
  Reserve Orange Muscat
Subtle, powerful, sweet, seductive, floral, citrus and fruity. These are the combinations of an excellent dessert wine for a dinner’s finale.
  Reserve Toscano Rosso
A true toast to Texas and Italy. This superb Blend in the Tuscan style of Sangiovese, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon produces the flavors and aromas of cherry, plum clove and cedar. The deep rich texture and long finish says pure pleasure.
Roussanne has the potential to be the best white grape in Texas. This is a great example of why that is true.
  Texas Blush
Crisp finish with a soft pink color makes this pleasant sweet blush a crowd pleaser. A blush that has character.
  Texas Red
Whether you enjoy reds or not, you will find this fruity and flavorful wine extremely pleasing to the taste.
  Topaz Royale
Move over, Beethoven, this is the harmony of three grape varietals- Chenin Blanc, Reisling and Muscat Canelli to produce a wine with the flavors of apricot, melon, pear and apples with a fresh aroma.


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