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La Bete Wines

La Bete Wines The goal of La Bete Wines is to produce historical Burgundian varieties from top vineyards here in Oregon, stylistically in accordance with historic techniques. La Bete strives to secure the best grapes we can find and establish long-term relationships with outstanding vineyards. As with other top wine producers, establishment of partnerships with high-quality vineyards allows a variety of single vineyard designated wines to be produced. This further allows the winemakers to demonstrate their skills with various sites and micro-climates. Varieties of wines produced include; Aligote, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Melon de Bourgogne, Pinot Gris (Beurot), Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir.


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  Aligote Newhouse Vineyard, Yakima Valley
Continuing the trend of previous vintages, the Aligote achieved optimum ripeness. The fruit for 2002 was allowed to hang on the vine longer, resulting in additional richness and character. As with past years, the fruit was over 24 degrees brix, and has an intensity on the palate that is wonderful.
  Gamay Noir - (jus blanc) Dauenhauer Vineyard
The wine presents a moderate appearance, some purple edges; with fresh strawberries and fruits in the aroma and mouth. It is certainly a lively and early drinking wine
  La Bete Aligote "Newhouse" 02
Aligote is a white wine made from a grape varietal related to Pinot Noir. This Aligote is from New House Vineyard in Yakima Valley and the grapes were very ripe (over 24 brix), leading to a rich, fruity white wine. Customers scarfed this wine up when we tasted it at the store. The 2002 Aligote is fermented in Stainless Steel tanks and goes through 100% Malo-lactic fermentation, which helps to enhance the rich, creamy flavors of the grapes. The wine has a hint of residual sugar, which is hardly noticeable because of the wine's great acidity. Excellent with shellfish, broiled salmon or grilled vegetables. 270 cases were produced.
  La Bete La Fete Blanc
The La Fete Blanc is a blend of these traditional varieties; chardonnay, aligote, melon de Bourgogne, pinot gris and pinot blanc. It has a rich nose with a rich golden color. The wine is complex in the mouth with a wonderfully long finish, clean and crisp.
  La Bete La Fete Rouge (Cuvee Lambray)
Historically, as with the white vineyards of Burgundy, the red vineyards were not solely planted to one variety. Pinot noir was interplanted with Gamay Noir (jus blanc). At one point, gamay noir was the dominant grape grown, unfortunately to the detriment of quality. “Modern” appellation controllee laws forbid the planting of gamay noir in the cru vineyards. While this grape finds perhaps its finest expression in Beaujolais, it is still used in Burgundy to blend with pinot noir into a wine called Passe-tout-grains. Our La Fete, rouge is just such a blend. Softer on the palate, yet with nice fruit definition.
  La Bete Melon de Bourgogne-Deux Vert Vineyard
The grapes have a wonderful essence and produce wines that are crisp, yet rich in aromas of pears and peaches. To preserve these characteristics, this wine was fermented in stainless steel barrels. It completed malo-lactic, and was gently fined. As with all of La Bete wines, it is not artificially adjusted and reflects the characteristics of the grapes as well as the vintage
  La Bete Pinot Blanc - Quail Run Vineyard
With a warmer site, the grapes achieve maximum flavor development, yet the cool evenings preserve their balance and acidity. The fruit was whole-cluster pressed, and fermented in a combination of very old oak barrels as well as stainless drums. The wine completed malo-lactic fermentation. The wine was traditionally fined, and bottled. It presents a wonderful aroma of peaches, and it promises to continue to develop with cellaring.
  La Bete Pinot Gris - (Beurot) Oregon
The fruit was whole-cluster pressed, settled, then fermented at low temperatures in stainless steel and old, neutral barrels. A special yeast was used to accentuate the fruit character. The wine completed malo-lactic fermentation, then it was traditionally fined, racked but not filtered. The wine was fermented to dryness.
  La Bete Pinot Noir - Croft Vineyard
The fruit was fully ripened, and was fermented in our traditional manner. Only a hint of new French oak was used. The wine is softer in interpretation with a ruby robe, and supple aromatics. It has a fine structure and will develop into a wonderful velvety style of pinot noir.
  La Bete Pinot Noir - Momtazi Vineyard
Our first year working with their fruit we received all clone 667 pinot noir. The color of the fruit and the wine is intense. The aromatics and flavors follow with the same intensity. As is our routine, the wine only received 25% new French oak, the remainder cellared in very old neutral oak barrels.
  La Bete Pinot Noir - Stoller Vineyard
The first block which we contracted for is all Wadenswil clone, in medium-density planting, one of their oldest planted in 1997. Even though the vines are relatively young, the strength of the wine is surprising. The vineyard is impeccably managed, and yields are of course held low. The grapes were delivered mid-season with full-flavor. The wine was cellared in our traditional 25% new French oak regime. It exhibits great intensity at this stage, and will develop wonderful complexity and silkiness as it ages.
  La Bete Pinot Noir - Willamette Valley
The Willamette Valley appellation pinot noir is comprised of the press lots along with a proportion of free-run wine from all the vineyards we purchased from in 2002. These vineyards include Croft, Brunker-Hall, Stoller, Corral Creek, Momtazi, Resonance, Temperance Hill, 3 Mountains, Monksgate and Oakgrove. The pressing for this wine was accomplished at a very low pressure. The wine has been cellared in old, neutral barrels. The wine has been lightly egg-white fined, gravity racked and not filtered.
  La Bete Pinot Noir Archery Summit Vineyard
The wines were made in a traditional manner, utilizing no more than 25% new French oak. They were not fined nor filtered. Unfortunately because we were only able to obtain a small amount, all four of the clones were blended together for the final bottling. The wine carries the “signature” of La Bete Pinot Noirs, intensity without relying on oak, and an intriguing dark fruit, brandied plum component. All of our single vineyard Pinot Noirs require cellaring to achieve their potential.
  La Bete Pinot Noir Brunker-Hall
Fermentation took place as normal in small fermenters, and the wine was cellared predominantly in old barrels, with 25% new French wood. The wine was neither fined nor filtered.
  La Bete Pinot Noir Reed & Reynolds
The wine is deeply colored, and will benefit from significant cellaring to allow the complexities to emerge. Only 25% of new French oak was used but the wine has a tremendous depth with soft tannins.
  'Newhouse Vineyard' Yakima Valley Aligote
This wine is fermented in Stainless Steel tanks and goes through 100% Malo-lactic fermentation, which helps to enhance the rich, creamy flavors of the grapes. This wine has a hint of residual sugar, which is hardly noticeable because of the wines great acidity. This wine go excellent with shellfish, broiled salmon or grilled vegetables. 270 cases were produced.


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