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Dusted Valley Vintners

Dusted Valley Vintners Dusted Valley Vintners was founded on the notion that when family pulls together the American Dream can turn into a living reality. Hey, we're a proud bunch of farm raised Wisconsin Cheese-Heads. And what goes well with cheese? Not milk!!! Sorry Dad. It's all about the wine. We don't exactly remember when the idea of DVV came about. We have all had many inspiring bottles of wine with wonderful food and of course incredible friends and family. I'm sure you all could think of a few times that this fermented pleasure represented a little taste of heaven. Maybe it was one too many trips to California, Oregon, and Washington wine country? When we decided we were going to honor an ancient Roman god hell bent on a good time, we pledged to do it right. Thus began the quest for the best fruit and vineyards in the Walla Walla, Yakima and Columbia Valleys. Who could fault a fella for doing the work of Bacchus? We must admit, walking beautiful vineyards and tasting our way through Eastern Washington had its palate pleasing highpoints.


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1248 Old Milton Highway, Walla Walla, WA, US, 99362 Email:
Phone: 509-525-1337 Web:
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  Barrel Thief Cab Washington State
This wine is sure to please your yearning taste buds. We aren't monkeying around. The BTR is a medium to full bodied blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot. The outstanding BTR blend is from 4 low yielding Columbia Valley vineyards each adding a layer of delicious complexity. It's a tooth stainer with loads of fruit, some chocolate and coffee, a hint of butterscotch, along with a kiss of the finest toasty oak and rich tannins. We dare you to try it before the THIEF gets it all!!!
  Birch Creek Chardonnay
Say hello to the true varietal character of glorious Walla Walla Valley Chardonnay. The Vandersloot family, owners of Birch Creek Vineyard, worked tirelessly practicing sustainable viticulture to provide us with these exceptional grapes. Lift your glass and join us in celebrating our partnership and the fruition of their dream..This wine is bulging with ripe tropical fruit. In true DVV fashion, the fruit shines through with balancing acid. A real treasure!
  BTR Super Tuscan Columbia Valley
This Super Tuscan style wine is a Washington State expression of a rebellious Italian tradition. Super Tuscan wines broke the traditional Italian wine laws. Rules were made to be broken. This wine is a guilty pleasure that will make you feel good being bad. The blend consists of Sangiovese, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
  Chardonnay Columbia Valley
Call it French-i-fied, call it progressive, or call it old school. Say goodbye to oak. Say hello to the true varietal character of beautiful Washington State Chardonnay. We have combined the best of both worlds. Smasne Mountain Vineyard, a high elevation Yakima Valley site, provides the mouth watering apples, pears and citrus. While the warmer Birch Creek Vineyard in Walla Walla provides the soft luscious tropical fruits. Barrel fermented in Neutral Oak to provide full round mouthfeel.
  H3 Syrah Horse Heaven Hills
The Horse Heaven Hills (H3) AVA is extremely hot, sun drenched, windswept and strewn with well drained sandy soils. It doesn’t sound like a recipe for anything but rattlesnakes, cactus and camels, but, damned if it isn’t one of the best syrah growing appellations in Washington State. And that my friends, would make it one of the best syrah growing microclimates in the world. If you have any compulsive qualities this wine should be drank with caution. It’s a mouthful of focused fruit starting with cherry and working its way through boysenberry to Grandma’s blackberry cobbler.
  Reserve Syrah Columbia Valley
Welcome to our Syrah world. We are not making any excuses for this big bad boy. From the beginning it seemed to have a life force of its own. I told Corey he should have given the Reserve a little direction. But, Nooo! He said the wine could find its own way through this cruel world. Anyway, be prepared this wine may give you a grundy from the inside. Starts Big; Stays Big; Finishes Big. This vino is guaranteed to taste great with lamb shanks braised in Stained Tooth Syrah. Drink now or until it’s gone
  Smasne Vineyard Syrah Yakima Valley
They say the happiest vines and grapes spend their life in leaf’s view of water. The beautiful grapes that have found a home in this exquisite wine are no exception. The vines at Smasne Family Vineyards are on the banks of the beautiful high elevation Roza Irrigation Canal. Think of this Vineyard Designate Syrah as Yakima Valley meets the Northern Rhone Valley. This wine enters with copious amounts of dark berries laced with smoked herb; vanilla tinged game and finishes long, luscious and silky.
  Stained Tooth Syrah Columbia Valley
Purple is our favorite color. You know you’re drinking the good stuff when your teeth develop that unmistaken hue. Don’t worry, Dr. Dan Johnson D.D.S. says “Life is too short to stain your teeth on cheap wine.” This is a blend of some of Washington States top vineyards incorporating a co-ferment of Syrah and Viognier. The bouquet floats out of the glass and draws you into all the extraordinary fruit while the ripe tannins provide a silky finish. Be sure to enjoy this bottle with a grilled rack of lamb encrusted with rosemary and thyme over a hickory fire. Beware may make a meal memorable. 92% Syrah, 6% Viognier and 2% Granacha Co-fermented.
  Viognier Yakima Valley
How do you say it? It’s Vee’-Own-Yay! We think it’s French for fruit salad in a glass. This vino was gently whole cluster pressed from a single high altitude vineyard in the Yakima Valley. Our goal was to allow the distinct terroir and the fabulous floral fruit of this seductive varietal to shine through. This wine has been one we're known for over the past three vintages.
  Walla Walla Valley Syrah
is Walla Walla syrah is the epitome of balance and elegance. It is a blend of Les Collines and Cougar Hills syrah with a touch of Viognier for good measure. It is both floral and earthy with the valley’s signature soft bright fruit shining through from its glorious start to its lingering toasty, cherry and coffee finish.


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