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Mediterranean Cellars

Mediterranean Cellars The Rich history and culture of the Mediterranean influences the Papadopoulos family in the art of jewelry creation for four generations, along with their passion for fine wines. As a young adult, Louis developed an interest in the art of vineyard development and classic winemaking with the enthusiasm and support of friends and relatives. His first experience with winemaking was in 1961, in the Kiffissia suburb of Athens, Greece. Surrounded by the centuries-old vineyards, he made his first barrels of traditional red and white Greek wines. The red was a representation of the mythological homeland of Hercules (NEMEA, CORINTH); the white (Retsina) was a type of wine exclusive to Athens (Attica region). He cultivated his first small vineyard on his forty-acre farm in Corinth, alongside lemon, orange, and apricot groves. In 1984, the family relocated to Northern Virginia, and in addition to their jewelry business, continued making homemade wine and appreciating the local varieties of grapes. With the same desire to share the passion of fine winemaking, Mediterranean Cellars Winery opened in 2003. With its old world atmosphere and breathtaking views from the brand new winery and showroom, the family looks forward to sharing their fine wines and hospitality.

From Washington DC: Take I-66 W toward FRONT ROYAL. Merge onto US-29 S via exit number 43A toward GAINESVILLE/ WARRENTON. 11.44 miles. Take the US-17 N ramp toward WINCHESTER. 0.35 miles. Merge onto US-17 SPUR N. 1.42 miles. Stay straight to go onto JAMES MADISON HWY/ US-17 N. 1.03 miles. Turn LEFT onto KEITH RD. at Ben & Mary's Steak House 1.14 miles. Turn LEFT onto CANNONBALL GATE RD. 0.33 miles. Turn RIGHT onto CANNONBALL GATE RD. 0.53 miles. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto FALCON GLEN RD (Portions unpaved). 0.35 miles. From Fredericksburg: Take US-17 BR N/ WARRENTON RD. Continue to follow WARRENTON RD. WARRENTON RD becomes US-17 N/ MARSH RD. 14.29 miles. Take the ramp toward WARRENTON/ WASHINGTON. 0.11 miles. Merge onto US-15 N. 7.04 miles. Take the US-17 N ramp toward US-15 BUS/ WINCHESTER/ US-29 BUS/ WARRENTON/ US-211 W/ LURAY. 0.42 miles. Merge onto US-17 SPUR N. 1.83 miles. Stay straight to go onto JAMES MADISON HWY/ US-17 N. 1.03 miles. Turn LEFT onto KEITH RD. at Ben & Mary's Steak House 1.14 miles. Turn LEFT onto CANNONBALL GATE RD. 0.33 miles. Turn RIGHT onto CANNONBALL GATE RD. 0.53 miles. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto FALCON GLEN RD (Portions unpaved).

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8295 Falcon Glen Road, Warrenton, VA, US, 20186 Email:
Phone: 540-428-1984 Web:
Fax: 540-428-1983
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  Belleview Blanc
Aromtaic Vidal grape fermented in oak barrels give this wine a light herbal aroma and a velvety mouth-feel.
  Cabernet Franc
Somewhat spicy and reminiscent of plum, raspberry and violets, our Cabernet Franc has a stable profile in the mouth and deep fresh fruit characteristics and aroma. Deep garnet in color, it is a delight from start to finish. A wonderful accompaniment for lighter meals such as pork, roast turkey or chicken, pasta or fish and veggies on the grill.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
You will be enthralled by the deep purple-red color and the intense fresh fruit aroma of black cherries and blueberries in this hear warming wine. Good balance, elegant volume and acidity. Enjoy with steaks, beef stew, roast lamb, and game foods like venison, roast duck.
  Chambourcin Special Reserve
Mother nature's unexpected natural fermentation of select Chambourcin grapes yielded this extraordinay Special Reserve wine. This smooth, full-bodied wine has a spicy flavor with a long, lingering peppery finish.
Aged in oak barrels and stainless stell tanks for nearly a year before bottling, this well-balanced Chardonnay has ripe and rich flavors of apple, honey, and a long smooth finish.
  Matina's Rose
This lovely, dry wine is so versatile it can be enjoyed with everything from pasta or pizza to a Thanksgiving feast. It can also be served chilled as a refresher before dinner. It is well blended with crisp, clean, fruit flavors.
The dark and fruitful fullness of Merlot is blended with the spiciness of Cabernet Franc and aged in French oak. Blackberry, cherry, and sweet plums are complemented by a hint of pepper and vanilla note to the finish.
Traces of Retsina wine have been found in Greek wine amphorae dating back to the 13th century B.C. This uniquely Greek wine is made with a trace of resin from Aleppo pines added to white Savvatiano grape juices as it ferments imparting an ininatable piney flavor. Our very own American Rechina is milder and smooth to the palate while maintaining its uniquely Greek character.
Light in body, full in fruit, charming in the mouth with an exceptional floral aroma.
  Sweet Lucia
Our late harvest Vidal is a full bodied sweet wine. It is aged in oak and has an excellent fruity flavor and gentle aroma. Delicious served chilled alone as dessert, or with fresh or dried fruit.
  Sweet Romance Reserve
Fall in love with this dessert wine, the sweet version of our popular house wine, Romance. The rich, full-bodied, fruit flavors pair lovingly with chocolate or any other decadent treat.
  Vidal Blanc
Ripe Vidal grapes fermented in stainless steel leaving a crisp, fruit-forward style of wine with a very light sweet edge.
This wine remains true to the natural flavors of the Viognier grape so favored by the native Virginian soil. Luxuriously golden in color, it presents a fragrant bouquet and rich herbal sensations on the palate. Grilled pork, chicken and seafood pair well with this wine.


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