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GrapeCraft Wines

GrapeCraft Wines Grapecrafting is an ongoing evolution and synthesis of the work of dozens of winemakers and researchers all over the world in the last few decades and can be categorized into three different interrelated issues. First, they have discovered that wine is not just a product of a bunch of molecules suspended in alcohol and water. Wine is macromolecular, which means that the molecules of wine are bound together in complex structures (thus, two hypothetical wines with the same molecules in the same proportions can look, smell and taste totally different, depending on how those molecules are bound together). Actively building these structures increases body, softens tannins, refines texture, develops complex flavors, and facilitates longevity and stability. As building up a wine’s structure stabilizes the wine, it also provides a complex platform for delivering the important aromatic components that make up a huge percentage of taste. All of this reduces the need for many types of disruptive fining and filtering—GrapeCrafting integrates the wine’s components instead of removing the ones that a winemaker may fail to understand. Finally, promotion of living soil through sustainable, organic, and/or biodynamic viticulture contributes to the greatness of wine. Environmental custodianship is a sufficient justification, but we are in the business of making great wine. A living web of soil organisms produces balanced, healthy vines that develop grapes with balanced nutrients, varietal character, flavor depth, and most importantly, minerality—a major resource in building structure.

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1458 Industrial Avenue, Sebastopol, CA, US, 95472 Email:
Phone: 707-237-7000 Web:
Fax: 707-824-7905
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