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Florida Orange Groves and Winery

Florida Orange Groves and Winery Producers of Key Lime, Mango, Passion Fruit plus 27 other premium Tropical fruit, citrus and berry wines, Florida Orange Groves Inc and Winery is a family owned business that had it's beginnings in shipping and packing fresh citrus in the early 1970's in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our location eventually grew to include retail sales of fresh squeezed juice and a gift shop. Armed with determination and a dream reminiscent of many Florida pioneers, the Shook family started development of their unique wines in 1991. Realizing the importance of striving for exceptional quality, the winery opened its doors in September of 1997 - only after the secrets of making exceptional wine from fruit other than grapes had been discovered. Producing Florida's only ultra-premium tropical, citrus and berry wines, we are proud to say that our wines are the only Florida wines allowed to display the Florida Department of Citrus' official mark of superior quality - the Florida Sunshine Tree.

When entering Florida from the North on I-75, take the I-275 turnoff North of Tampa for St. Petersburg. This will bring you into St. Petersburg on I-275. Exit at Exit #23B, which is the 5th Ave. North exit. At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn right onto 5th Ave. North and proceed west on 5th Ave. North to 66th Street North (approximately 47 blocks). Turn left and head South on 66th Street, staying in the middle lane of this 3 lane highway. In about 3 blocks, 66th Street turns into Pasadena Ave. Continue on Pasadena Ave. for another 17 blocks and we are on the left hand side of the road, just across the street from the Palms of Pasadena Hospital and just before you cross the bridges to St. Pete Beach.

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1500 Pasadena Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL, US, 33707 Email:
Phone: 727-347-4025 Web:
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  40 Karat
Semi-dry. A wonderfully buttery semi-dry white wine similar to a Chardonnay but with a lot more flavor. It's a jewel! Made 100% from Florida carrots. Excellent with shellfish and spicy foods.
  Black Gold Dry
Dry. A dry blackberry wine that brings a new level of excellence to table wines. No wonder it's a gold medal winner. If you like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, you'll fall in love with Black Gold. Great with sharp and blue veined cheeses!
  Black Gold Semi-Sweet
Semi-sweet. A multiple silver-medal winner! This one takes blackberry wine to the appreciation level that all specialty premium fruit wine should have. Made from a different variety of blackberries than our dry Black Gold, its flavor and bouquet provide the fresh, crisp taste and aroma of fully ripened summertime blackberries.
  Blueberry Blue
Semi-sweet. Always in the top ten sellers each year. Made 100% from Florida Blueberries...3 boxes per 750 ml bottle!! Goes great with cheesecake too! Try it with lamb, game or grilled salmon.
  Category 5 White Florida Sangria
I am a secret blend of several of our most popular tropical wines! I am a refreshing, white sangria. Uniquely Florida, I am elegant for any occasion and perfect with any food. Serve me at your next special "Southern" get-together. I am definitely made for the courageous, cheerfully optimistic and romantic of temperament -- especially during our exciting hurricane season!
  Cherry Red
Not too dry, not too sweet. This gold-medal winner table wine has a great bouquet and flavor. We cannot tell a lie! Serve with chili, steak, roast beef, hamburgers, barbecued chicken and desserts. You'll get great reviews. Amazing with an amaretto cheesecake.
  Cocoa Beach
Chocolate/Orange. A great wine for Valentine's Day and the "chocoholic" in all of us. We take our special orange juice, add the world's best and richest chocolate, then ferment using the alchemy of our great winemaker. The result? An explosion of chocolate flavor in one of our most popular wines. If you are - or know of a true chocolate lover - this wine is something that they not only will love, but something they will need.
  Cracker Hammock Grapefruit Champagne
Made from our Florida Pink Grapefruit, it is similar in taste to our special Florida Grapefruit wine. Because there is more acid produced in the making of the champagne as compared to the pink grapefruit wine, its taste is slightly more tart and somewhat less sweet than the wine. Perfect for toasting that special occasion while at the same time remembering a very special time in Florida.
  Cracker Hammock Tangerine Champagne
Made from our Florida Lee Tangerines, this champagne has all the taste and tartness of our tangerine wine but with slightly less sweetness - - and a whole lot more bubbles! For a very special time, serve this very special champagne.
Semi-Sweet. If you like red raspberries, you'll love this double silver medal winner. Twirl it, smell it, sip it and swallow. Your taste buds will love it. A truly memorable wine with casual or elegant dining. Highly recommended for weddings and parties.
Red rich cranberries. No holiday is complete without this fresh, crisp cranberry wine. It will enhance the flavor of your favorite holiday foods... especially the traditional meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy! Yummmm!
  Florida Fever
Tart and bright, this wine pairs well with any food. A great wine to have with any meal that features seafood or has a main entrée with a sauce.
  Florida Grapefruit
Grapefruit lover's delight. Made with 100% fresh-squeezed Florida Pink Grapefruit Juice. This light, refreshing table wine is great with salads, sandwiches, pizza, seafood and lamb. Tangy and tasty! Try it with all garlicky foods. Developed with the Florida Department of Citrus!
  Florida Sunset Pineapple
Florida Sunset Pineapple Wine. Experience the flavor of fresh pineapple with that slightly sweet/tart finish. Serve with chunks of fresh pineapple in the bottom of your guests' wine glasses. Enjoy their reaction as they discover a wine with flavor and style characteristics that are entirely new to the food and wine experience. Great with ham!
  Honey Wine
Sometimes called Mead. Ours is the sweetest and best tasting of them all. Like Florida Honey?You will love this wine! Our bees have been busy!
  Hot Sun
A very smooth dry white wine, with a slight tomato taste and a hint of peppers. Feel the warmth...a delightful surprise. Serve with crackers and cheese, nachos, enchiladas, snacks, salads, and bread. Use this in cooking for the gourmet touch. One of our winemaker's favorites.
  Key Limen
A perfect day in Florida just isn't possible without some Key Lime wine. One of our newest stars, it is terrific with any seafood, salad, garlic seasoned food or a late summer afternoon spent sitting on your porch. Trade stories, relax and watch the sun set over a glass of this distinctly Florida wine. If you like margaritas, you will love this wine. Nothing says Florida more than Key Lime.
  Mango Mamma
A fantastic Florida tropical wine. Made from fresh squeezed mangos, its a semidry to semisweet wine with the undeniable taste and bouquet of fresh Florida mangos. Clean and crisp, its ideal with any seafood dish. Serve with chunks of mango on a skewer for a terrific presentation to family and friends. Unique and delicious!
  Midnight Sun
Orange Coffee. Like Orange Juice? Like Coffee? This one's for you! Our delightful "Orange Sunshine" wine is aged with aromatic fresh-roasted coffee beans for your sipping enjoyment. Extraordinary! It's not just for breakfast anymore. Try it as an after dinner treat with a little whipped cream on top!
  Millennium Gold
Strawberry Cream Sherry. Our specialty strawberry wine, aged with our special brandy, and then oak-aged for four more years! What more can we say? It's absolutely delicious for sipping before or after a special meal or event. If you like sherry, this is a treat you will find nowhere else - just like Florida! Comes in a special 500 ml. collector's bottle.
  Orange Sunshine
It's the real thing! It is not made by flavoring grape or apple wine with an orange flavor essence. Our wine is made with pure 100% fresh-squeezed Florida Orange Juice. Taste the difference!! A wonderful wine with seafood, poultry, pizza and desserts. A terrific marinade also. Super with chocolate! Also available dry.
  Pina Colada - Coco Polada
Our orange, pineapple and coconut wine made especially for that tropical feeling so essential to our "Jimmy Buffett" state-of-mind. If you like pina coladas, sunsets, beaches and great tans, this wine is for you. A party for your mind and senses every time you pour a glass!
  Sinfully Noble Dry
Made from the fresh squeezed juice of the native Florida muscadine noble grape. A dark red wine with a purple fluorescence that seems to radiate taste and aroma, we've created this specialty wine in a dry and a semisweet version. This unique variety of grape has undertones of concord and white American oak combined with overtones of its distinctly muscadine character. Our vintner's reserve, its absolutely delicious where a red wine is desired with special dishes. Available each year beginning in December as long as supplies last.
  Sinfully Noble Semi-Sweet
Made from the fresh squeezed juice of the native Florida muscadine noble grape. A dark red wine with a purple fluorescence that seems to radiate taste and aroma, we've created this specialty wine in a dry and a semisweet version. This unique variety of grape has undertones of concord and white American oak combined with overtones of its distinctly muscadine character. Our vintner's reserve, its absolutely delicious where a red wine is desired with special dishes. Available each year beginning in December as long as supplies last.
  Strawberry Blush
Everybody's favorite. Made 100% from Florida wonder it's so good! Serve with your favorite sandwiches, salads, pastas, pork, veal and desserts. Makes an excellent gift from Florida for your discriminating friends and family. A real surprise served with spaghetti!
Made from the juice of fresh squeezed Honeybell Tangelos. This special fruit is available in Florida in the month of February only. Honeybells are a cross between the Dancy Tangerine and the Duncan Grapefruit - two of the best and sweetest citrus varieties that Florida has ever produced. Bright, crisp and refreshing with undertones of fresh squeezed tangelos!
A specialty premium wine for Tangerine lovers. "Powerful bouquet with more honey, citrus, and flowers than any hive in the grove. Best white - WOW!," says our St. Petersburg Times Food critic. Terrific with seafood and Italian cuisine.
Remember those lazy summer days of your youth? Sitting beside a stream, under a shade tree and dreaming of doing nothing except relaxing for the rest of your life? Remember family picnics with your grandparents, aunts, and uncles? Watermelon was always there, always a part of the best summer experiences. With one sip of this wine, all those memories will come alive. Massaged through your taste buds, your mind will relax, washed stress free with the flood of pleasant thoughts and events from bygone days. Enjoy, rest, live!
  White Gold
A peachy companion for your dinner, snacks and desserts or just plain sipping on the patio on a summer afternoon...always a favorite. Made from the very best white peaches you've ever tasted. Try it over ice cream for a tasty treat.


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