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Kimmel Orchards

Kimmel Orchards When Richard and Laurine Kimmel planted their first apple and cherry trees in the rolling hills of Southeast Nebraska in 1925, they created a destination for some of the best produce in the Missouri River valley as well as fertile ground to grow new ideas. Today, Kimmel Orchard continues this tradition through its dedication to agricultural education, research and historic preservation. Owned by the Kimmel Foundation and operated by the National Arbor Day Foundation, this working orchard is a fun, educational experience for the whole family, and continues to grow in popularity as a destination for fresh, locally grown produce and variety of home-grown Nebraska products.

Kimmel Orchard is located on Old Highway 75 a mile west of Nebraska City. The home of Arbor Day and the National Arbor Day Foundation, Nebraska City offers visitors a variety of historic and cultural attractions in a friendly, river town atmosphere.

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5995 G Road, Nebraska City, NE, US, 68410 Email:
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Our crisp, sweet apple wine is fashioned from our own apple cider produced here at Kimmel Orchard. The characteristics of the cider apples shine brightly through in this perennial Kimmel favorite.
(sham-boor-SAN) – Attention to detail paid off with this wonderful red, semi-dry French American hybrid varietal wine. The leaves around each cluster are removed before harvest, letting the grapes bask in the sun, resulting in perfectly ripened fruit and thus an excellent wine. The fruity characteristics and beautiful color makes this a standout among other red wines. Best served at room temperature.
This unique wine is fashioned from Kimmel’s very own Montmorency tart cherries. Sweet, yet tart with hints of cinnamon, this wine is best served chilled.
This sweet dessert wine is made from Concord grapes, the most popularly planted native American grape variety that was embraced by the early American colonists. This longtime favorite goes great with aged cheeses and is a perfect after-dinner treat.
This French hybrid is a dry, red varietal wine and an example of Nebraska wine at its best. Once considered one of the seven noble grapes, the full-bodied De Chaunac has a rich bouquet and is a natural for the red wine connoisseur. Best served at room temperature.
A winemaker's favorite, with a fresh pear fragrance and flavor with hints of citrus and melon, this semi-sweet varietal can be enjoyed on its own or as a complement to appetizers or light meals. Best served slightly chilled.
A dessert wine made from tree-ripened peaches grown at Kimmel orchard, the wine is candy sweet and best served chilled.
A deliciously sweet dessert wine made from Kimmel strawberries, it is great for any occasion and is best served chilled.
(vee-NYOLE) – This French hybrid has pinot noir in its parentage. A semi-sweet white wine with hints of pear and apricots, it pairs nicely with cheese and fruit or is great on its own. Best served slightly chilled.


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