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Blueberry Sky Farm Winery

Blueberry Sky Farm Winery Blueberry Sky Farm Winery is a small family-owned winery specializing in fruit wines. All wines are made in our farm kitchen from carefully selected produce. The winery is located on a blueberry farm which produces tasty blueberries from July to September.


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10243 NE Sherman Road, Ripley, NY, US, 14775 Email:
Phone: 716-252-6535 Web:
Fax: 716-252-6535
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Our apple wine is made with a combination of local apples. It offers a crisp, robust, unique flavor- it’s not your average apple wine. Put some in your apple dessert or cheese fondue. It’s great with pasta, poultry, ham or pork. Delightful when served with Swiss or Brie cheese. Sweet only.
A very tasty and full-bodied wine. Most of the blackberries come from very old plants in local backyards. This is a wonderful dessert wine that goes well with cheesecake, ice cream or Gouda, Brie or provolone cheese. Try our famous blackberry wine cake. Sweet or dry.
  Blackberry (Dry)
Our farm is famous for out plump, juicy, flavorful unsprayed blueberries. This wine is made from a combination of our five different varieties of berries. The flavor can be tart, yet sweet. This is very healthy wine rich in antioxidants. Blueberry wine is great with dinner. Serving suggestions are fish, especially salmon, beef and pasta. Cheddar and Swiss pair nicely with this wine as well. Sweet or dry.


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