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Atelier Winery

Atelier Winery Atelier’s husband and wife team left the Silicon Valley six years ago to relocate to the wine country town of Healdsburg in rural Sonoma County. She, already a winemaker by profession, and he, a project manager, dreamed of marrying their individual talents to create a small, family winery where they would produce boutique wines that were reflective of their passion for great wine and their love of the worldwide wine country lifestyle. After diving into this pursuit by producing a barrel or two of Zinfandel and Syrah in their garage they rented space from a friend at another boutique winery and started their commercial wine venture in 2002. We enjoy wine as part of our lifestyle. There are days we spend studying wines in great depth and many other days we include wine as an accompaniment to our other life pursuits. Many of the best moments of our lives have been accompanied by wine, from backpacking a special bottle of Bordeaux across Europe, sipping Riesling while watching summer stock at the Forest Meadow, picnicking at the coast with a bottle of Zinfandel, or waiting out a rainstorm with a bottle of Great Wall Red in Yangshuo. Our enjoyment of life has been enhanced by including wine in our daily lives and just as specific bottles enhance our memories of travels and friends we hope our wines will make moments of your life more pleasurable. The enjoyment we get from making our wine comes largely from the sense we get of being tied to the earth and the seasons and from knowing that our wines will be part of family dinners, special occasions, and relaxing afternoons and evenings. Our motto is ‘share and enjoy our wines in good company’ we certainly do!


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1715 Latigo Lane, Healdsburg, CA, US, 95448 Email:
Phone: 707-473-9341 Web:
Fax: 707-473-9341
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  Alexander Valley Syrah
The allure of Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley has captured our winemaking interest and enticed us to purchase from an exquisite boutique Syrah vineyard in the town of Asti. The gently rolling hills and the warm, long days in the northern Alexander Valley allow the three different clones of Syrah planted on this ranch to mature to optimum ripeness. The result is an inky-dark, voluptuous wine of uncommon depth and character. This wine matured in a blend of French and American oak for eighteen months and was released in March 2005. Flavors of ripe plum, dusty briar berries, and a truffle-like note make this intriguing Syrah a wine to look forward to.
  Alexander Valley Syrah
Earthy spice, sweet smoke and fragrant violet aromas characterize our 2004 Atelier Alexander Valley Syrah. These qualities are liberated in our winemaking process through our French-inspired techniques and small lot fermentations. Undertones of sage, licorice, and juicy pomegranate enhance the bright, ripe raspberry and black plum fruit of the palate. The inclusion of multiple clones of Syrah adds further depth and texture by showcasing the range of this robust varietal. Co-fermentation of the four clones enhances both the intensity of color-which is the typical blue-tinged hue of red so familiar in Syrah-and the aromatic profile which ranges from vibrant fruit to luscious herbal spice. The region of Asti in the middle of Sonoma County’s Alexander Valley offers cool morning temperatures followed by warm, sunny afternoons that guarantee a long, steady growing season and balanced ripeness. This fortuitous combination of clone and site allowed us to harvest the 2004 vintage at only 24.5ºBrix which translated to less than 14% alcohol content in the final wine- making it an excellent accompaniment to a wide array of cuisines without the concern of overpowering the subtle and delicate flavor balance of a meal. Aged for 19 months in both French and American cooperage to maintain the equilibrium of heft and elegance, this wine pairs beautifully with today’s artisanal wine country and fusion cuisines.
  Rockpile Zinfandel
Effusive with ripe plum and briar berry fruit our Rockpile Zinfandel showcases the broad range of spice for which this varietal is known. Cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and sandalwood aromas follow from the nose through to the palate. Fifteen months in French and American oak barrels added structure and depth to complement the vibrant fruit and spice. The exotic array of aromas and flavors makes this Zin a perfect partner to kabobs, mesquite-grilled vegetables and meats or middle-eastern fusion cuisine. As is typical in our wines a subtle suggestion of the earth on which the grapes were grown lingers in the wine and delivers an inimitable sense of place.


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