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Argyle Winery

Argyle Winery Argyle's prime vineyard source since 1987 is the 120 acre Knudsen Vineyard, located in the heart of the red hills of Dundee. Half the vineyard was planted in the early '70s. These "historic" vines produce distinctive wines with ripe fruit flavors and earthy, spicy old vine character. The other, "younger" half of the vineyard features state-of-the-art viticulture: Old World clones planted in high density blocks on warm sites. Pinot fruit from these blocks offers up unique aromas of black cherry leading into ripe raspberry concentrate. Argyle's finest sparkling wine fruit is grown in Knudsen's high-elevation blocks (above 700 feet) where ripening occurs at the end of the growing season. All Argyle vineyards are managed by Argyle's crack team of viticulturists.


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  Blanc de Blancs
Aromas of fresh ripe apples and Asian pears, limes and melons, with overtones of vanilla bean and toasted hazelnuts. The mouth-filling flavors deliver lime, citrus blossoms, and ripe melons. The texture is very creamy, the mid-palate strong with fruit sweetness and the finish long with ripe pear-like flavors.
FRESH & CRISP - we know one should not refer to alcoholic beverages as invigorating, but this Brut is exceptionally fresh and crispy with a smooth cream center. Aromas include an enticing combination of apple blossoms, lemon custard with a beam of both vanilla crème and roasted hazelnut, with a touch of fresh squeezed extra virgin Spanish olive oil! The flavors are a fresh, crisp version of white peach, ripe apple, baked pastry with a mango-vanilla-yeast bouquet. The tartness is pleasantly wrapped into a sweet fruit finish.
  Brut 1.5 Litre
This 1997 Brut delivers one of the most concentrated AND complex aromas yet in our Brut! Looks for fresh applesauce, lemon custard, toasted baguette and roasted hazelnut aromas. “Let us boast about the aromas of toast and roast from this bubbly from the coast!” The flavors are a creamy apple trimmed with the firm mineral acidity expected from a cool, maritime climate. The finish flavors last a long time and move from fresh apple to a spicy toastiness.
  Knudsen Vineyard Brut
The dominance of old vine Pinot Noir base in this wine is very apparent. Thus, Blanc de Noirs fans will love this 1997 Knudsen Vineyards Brut. The aromas are a very complex mixture of ripe fruit and spice. Look for guava blossom and bergamot at the beginning. Then aromas travel toward pear tart and plum sauce! The flavor is both gripping rockiness and creamy in texture. Fresh baked pastry, plum and pear predominate. Then a very long Pinot Noir centric citrus and applesauce kick in on the finish. This is a sparkling wine for those looking for big flavor. Match this big fellow up with anything you would enjoy with red wine, Pinot Noir, or enjoy with fresh strawberries!
  Nuthouse Chardonnay
This is a very ‘big’ styled Nuthouse Chardonnay. The wine is the result of what happens when both Mother Nature and winemaker decide to go all out for flavor and impression. The aroma is toasted oak and hazelnut with tropical, melon fruit richness. The flavor is big and rich, with melon, pear, white peach, and guava fruit laced with toasted oak and clove spice. The finish is long with peach and pear fruit.
  Nuthouse Merlot
This is a very densely packed yet balanced wine. Look for concentrated ripe mulberry fruit and cedar spice aromas. The flavor is juicy yet tannin tightened. Mulberry and cassis fruit is woven into tobacco leaf-cedar spice on an opulent framework. These flavors last a long taste-bud-pleasing time. Expect this freshness and density to lend many years of age-ability to this wine stored under cellar conditions.
  Nuthouse Pinot Noir
How deep is the ocean? How long does the ‘E’ note of a string double bass vibrate through one’s soul? These are just some of the thoughts one will contemplate while experiencing this 2002 Nuthouse Pinot Noir! Aromas of dark, wild berries and spices of licorice and cedar are locked deep into the earthy mineral core of this wine. Only time and patience will unleash the concentration of this wine. The mouth feel of this wine is massive and ‘super-juicy’ centered. Layer upon layer of silky comforter-like texture cushion the firm-gripping tannins. This wine is so viscous that the finish seems to sail on and on in one’s taste bud memory.
  Reserve Pinot Noir
This is a massive wine from a massively warm vintage. The liquid even looks more viscous than wine when poured into a glass! The aroma is deep toned and concentrated. Look for plum jam, black cherry extract, a hint of cedar smoke, and dark chocolate-mint spices. The flavor is mouth-filling and packed with plum sauce-black cherry stuffed with chocolate. See if you can find the plum pudding—alder wood smoke character. The texture is super-juicy all the way through to a very long lasting sweetness with sanded tannin memory.
The aromas of this Rose are a complex mixture of strawberry, plum, with a hint of Christmas cake spice. The flavor is a juicy red fruit strawberry, cherry, silky texture. The finish is lively and fresh. If you are looking for a wine to drop a fresh, cold strawberry into… this is the wine. The Rose is made in the traditional manner of blending a touch of rich red Pinot Noir wine to whole-cluster squeezed white Pinot Noir wine before bottling for second fermentation. Aged in the bottle with yeast for complexity, try this with fresh fruit (especially strawberries and raspberries), chocolate, or anything you would normally enjoy with red table Pinot Noir wines. This wine has quite a following amongst Argyle fans.
  Willamette Valley Chardonnay
Like the vintage, this Chardonnay is big featured, yet sensually round in style. Look for wonderful aromas of pear blossom, citrus-honey, lime with a hint of fresh rosemary sprig. The flavor is a big feature, mouthful of pear, creamed butter, and apple tart dusted with rosemary. The center is soft and supple in structure, while extra juicy all the way through the long finish. In typical Argyle style, a ‘rocky’ mineral seam runs right through all the luscious pear, butter and apple.
  Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
This is what cool, marine climate Pinot Noir is all about. The intensity of aromas in this wine is truly exciting. Pinot Noir should be a bounty of fruit and floral scents. Look for the ripe raspberry and black cherry fruit, rose petal with a hint of Daphne and lilac blossom wrapped into chocolate?vanilla spice. The flavor is rich and succulent from start to middle to end. Raspberry jam, ripe black cherry are contained in a finely texture tannin structure. The middle is extra juicy. The finish is everlasting with the above fruits and chocolate covered cherry.
  Willamette Valley Riesling
Prepare yourself to experience the “wunderkind” of New World Riesling! The intensity of this wine is amazing. True Riesling fanatics will want to enjoy this wine for many years to come. Look for classic lime-blossom and fresh fruit salad aromas, laced with delicate myrrh spice. The flavor is mineral yet unctuous in texture. Flavors of lime—citrus, lychee, and fresh Cherimoya are perfectly balanced by the mineral edge between sweet fruit and stone. The finish is all fruit salad, white peach, and lime gelato, with a hint of that Cherimoya way at the back of a very long finish.


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