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Denver Distillery

Denver Distillery DENVER DISTILLERY – a micro distillery specializing in artisan liquors made from natural ingredients.


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244 S Broadway, Denver, CO, US, 80209 Email:
Phone: 720-381-3226 Web:
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  Bella Ratta
The second in our Cellar Rat series, this wine is made to honor all the women behind the scenes in the wine industry and the working world. Typically a unique blend of several different grape varieties, this house wine changes with every bottling and may not be available every year. This crisp and delicious dry white wine is perfect for relaxing after a busy day.(Contains Sulfites)
  Cabernet Franc
Medium bodied with rich aromas and approachable flavors. The enchanting cherry and violet aromas are laced with hints of sweet oak spices. Rich strawberry and cranberry flavors dance across the palate towards a smooth delicious finish. Great with chicken or creamy pastas.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
GOLD MEDAL - NW Wine Summit. A bold red with black cherry, vanilla, and almond aromas paired with berry flavors and a hint of bittersweet chocolate. This delicious fruit forward Cab has subtle touches of oak that allow the flavors of Washington’s Cabernet Sauvignon grape to really shine. Excellent with grilled steaks or roasted beef.
  Cab-Merlot Blend
66% Cabernet Sauvignon and 34% Merlot. A bright satisfying blend of two classic varieties, this lush wine provides aromas and flavors of rich cherries, vanilla, light oak and a smooth food-friendly finish. Delicious with grilled or roasted pork loin.
  Celler Rat Red
Cellar Rat is a term used to describe the workers in a winery that assist in turning grapes into finished wine. This ever-changiong blend is small lots from the cellar that cannot be labeled under a single varietal name. Only availabel seasonally, this "worker’s wine" is made to be consumed early and often!
  Distinguished Dago Red
This hearty and fun blend formerly known as Lost Mountain Red is our original family recipe handed down from our Italian ancestors for three generations. The fresh fruit flavors and unique style of this versatile wine make it perfect sipping on its own or paired with pizza and Italian fare.
SILVER MEDAL - Grand Harvest Awards-Santa Rosa CA. SILVER MEDAL - San Francisco International. Penetrating aromas and flavors of berries and anise with ripe cherries, toasty oak, spice, and vanilla. Soft tannins and a smooth finish make this a versatile and favorite wine. Pairs nicely with meat dishes.
  Pinot Grigio
A light white wine with pale straw color and lovely delicate flavors of pears and dried apples, with light citrus overtones. This versatile dry white wine is very food friendly and delicious with our northwest shellfish and seafoods. (Contains Sulfites)
  RainForest Red
40% Merlot - 38% Cabernet Sauvignon - 22% Cabernet Franc. Our own blend of three classic varieties, this lush wine shows off the best of these Bordeaux varieties. Fragrant aromas and flavors of rich cherries, vanilla, light oak and a smooth lingering finish. Very versatile but especially good with grilled or roasted pork loin.
Big dark and intensly concentrated, this sophisticated red opens with aromas of toasted oak, coffee, and rich spicy blackberry jam. This oppulent wine is loaded with rich fruit and velvety tanins. Great with lamb or roasted meats. Washington Syrah’s are getting rave reviews and this wine will show you why it is fast becoming a favorite.
Hand picked, immediately refrigerated, and rushed to us, these grapes created a big, jammy intense wine with fragrant ripe brambly blackberry fruit accented with vanilla and a slightly smoky oak. Delicious with pastas and barbeques.


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