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Meramec Vineyards

Meramec Vineyards A Meramec Vineyards' warm welcome awaits visitors at their attractive modern winery featuring open beam, natural wood and natural lighting design. Located in St. James, Missouri in the midst of the scenic Ozark Highland area, Meramec Vineyards began with a vineyard first planted by one of the original Italian immigrant families to the Ozark Plateau around the early 20th century. Meramec Vineyards produces American varietal wines based on vitis lambrusca grapes, as well as the American varietal, Norton, and Euro tradition blends produced from French-American hybrid grapes. Not to be forgotten are their delicious, award-winning juices. To provide some "education" to their visitors, Meramec Vineyards has planted a demonstration vineyard at the winery with vines of each of the varieties they use in their wine and juices. Open year-round daily 10 - 5. Sunday from noon.


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600 State Road Route B, St. James, MO, US, 65559 Email:
Phone: 877-216-9463 Web:
Fax: 573-265-4404
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  Bistro Gold
A dry white wine, both subtle and crisp. Made primarily from the Seyval French-American hybrid grape.
  Bistro Red
A medium-bodied dry red wine with subtle fruitiness and a long dry finish made from a blend of grapes including Chambourcin.
  Bistro White
An off-dry light bodied white Vidal wine with floral overtones and sweetness in the finish made from a blend of French-American hybrid grapes.
  Catawba Blush
A light semi-sweet wine from the tangy American Catawba grape. Missouri's version of "white zin".
  Classic Concord
A semi-sweet wine made 100% from the quintessential American grape.
  New World Red
A blended sweet fruity red wine made from the native American grapes, Concord and Catawba. These grapes know how to blend into a real winner.
  New World White
A sweet white wine with the fruity taste of the Niagara grape.
  Norton -
A dry, full-bodied, deep colored, aromatic red wine with complex fruit flavors aged in oak.
  Silvio's Red
A blend of Norton and the heritage grape, Stark Star (a cross between Norton and Catawba). This red wine has a slight fruitiness of the Stark Star's labrusca heritage with the underlying structure of the Norton. Finished a little sweet to complement its fruity character.
  Sweet Cat
Made from the tangy Native American Catawba grape, this version is finished sweet. Others may call it "Pink Catawba" but we've listened to people struggling to read the word so we were inspired to just go with the first three letters...purr.
  Vignoles -
A luscious off dry white wine filled with delicate, subtle flavors, lovely aroma and finish.


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rhodies says...
Norton Wine Review: Here comes a reality check on available Norton wines, - this was not the worse Norton wine we tasted out of 67 encountered so far, it was the next to the worst Missouri Norton wine we had ever tasted. So bad the service and wine at this location in an area surrounded with the best Norton vineyards to be found in St. James, MO. Hey, the good part is that we wasted little time here since it was right on the road headed to St. James winery heading west of Heinrichshaus headed north.