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Mount Baker Vineyards

Mount Baker Vineyards Mount Baker Vineyards was started in 1978 by Al Stratton, a retired military man. He began making fruit wines as well as white wines from Germanic grapes. The winery was successful in negotiating a contract to ship plum wine to Japan, which helped the winery to grow for several years. In 1989, Stratton sold the winery and a small estate vineyard to Randy Finley, a businessman whose year-long vacation in France has whetted his appetite for the wine industry. (A larger vineyard was sold separately, and later the grapes were pulled out.) Finley took over winemaking duties, continuing with fruit wines and adding some traditional northwest varietals made from Eastern Washington grapes. He has also adopted new growing techniques with his estate vineyards, and will be planting Pinot Noir grapes soon (Pinot Gris was recently planted). The winery is also building a new warehouse for storage of barrels, empty tanks, and cases.


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4298 Mount Baker Hwy, Everson, WA, US, 98244 Email:
Phone: 360-592-2300 Web:
Fax: 360-592-2526
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