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Breitenbach Wine Cellar

Breitenbach Wine Cellar Breitenbach is a premier winery located in beautiful Amish Country. Wines range from bold, dry reds such as Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, light dinner wines including Chardonnay and Reisling to the popular sweeter wines "Frost Fire", "Roadhouse Red", and "First Crush". Breitenbach also produces 15 dessert wines made from natural fruit. Wine tasting is offered daily as well as sampling of Grand Champion Swiss and Guggisberg Baby Swiss. Cellar tours are offered during the annual Dandelion Festival on the 1st Saturday of May. Stay at Breitenbach B&B while visiting in Amish Country. Hours: Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm.

Breitenbach Wine Cellars is located 90 minutes South of Cleveland, Ohio, in the heart of Amish Country.

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5934 Old State Route 39 NW, Dover, OH, US, 44622 Email:
Phone: 800-843-9463 Web:
Fax: 330-343-8290
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  4-Barrel Tawny Port
silver medal-Ohio Wine Comp
This dessert wine is a gold medal wine!
Sweet and delicious- a top seller!
This dessert wine is sweet with a little tartness.
  Breitenbach Ice Wine
Ice Wine uses the nectar of frozen Vidal Blanc grapes. This wine has an apricot taste and is 20% residual sugar.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A robust dry red. Aged in French oak cooperage, the palate has a hint of black pepper in the finish. Pairs well with steak and marinara dishes. silver medal-Great Lakes
A Burgundian style chardonnay, aged in French oak cooperage. Nice body yields to smokey oak with a long, warm finish with notes of vanilla.
  Charming Nancy
This medium-dry wine has a slight tropical, or citrus overtone, with notes of apricot. The finish is clean and crisp and a perfect compliment to seafood or soup.
Try this light, sweet dessert wine with cheesecake, cherry tart or a chocolate mousse. silver medal-Indiana State Fair bronze medal-Riverside Ca.
Our wine of the month! This is a sweet dessert wine
Received a prestigious Culinary Gold Medal at the famed Carnegie Hall, awarded as one of the top wines in the 574
  First Crush
The flavor will burst in your mouth with this wine. Citrus and cherry flavors prevail. The wine is semi-sweet, yet slightly tart and is similar to a white zinfandel. Goes well with Guggisberg Baby Swiss- in Amish Store.
  Frost Fire
This tremendously popular wine has Breitenbach with countless International medals. It is sweet and fruity, and delightful with chicken dishes. People say it tastes just like plucking a fresh grape right off the vine.
This sweet German-style wine has a hint of spiciness.
  Johannisburg Riesling
This dry white is slightly fruity with a clean, crisp finish.
A very dry,flavorful red wine. Rich aromas of dark chocolate dominate the nose and lingering berry flavors dominate the palate. It goes well, of course, with any red meat or pasta dish.
  Old Dusty Miller
A "must-have" medium-dry blush that will satisfy anyone's tastebuds. It goes well with shrimp, crisp salad and lighter fare. silver medal-Indiana State Fair
smooth and sweet- nice dessert wine!
  Red Zinfandel
This deep, ruby red red wine has a rich, jammy palate with nuances of oak in the finish.
  Roadhouse Red
Try this classic semi-sweet red. This full-bodied, flavorful wine has wonderful berry flavors on the palate. It is an excellent accompaniment to pasta. gold/best of class-Pacific Rim gold medal-Ohio Wine Comp double gold-Fla. State Fair
  Sauvignon Blanc
dry white
When you taste Breitenbach Shiraz, red raspberry flavors explode in your mouthwith a slight peppery finish.
  Solara Cream Sherry
This sweet and creamy dessert wine has a little higher alcohol content. Nice sipping wine.
  Spiced Apple
Try this warmed with the Aspen Mulling Spices- see Amish store


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