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Lynfred Winery

Lynfred Winery Wine Tastings Daily! Lynfred Winery opened in 1979 in a grand old Victorian house in Roselle, a suburb of Chicago. Fred Koehler's wines win awards in national and international competitions each year. Visit their exquisite new tasting room that furnishes over thirty grape wines, ten fruit wines, a variety of gift baskets, gourmet foods, gifts, and wine accessories. Lynfred’s four new bed and breakfast suite s($400 - $475), located above the cellar, capture the experience of Germany, France, Italy and turn-of-the-century American vineyards. Guests have day access to the winery tasting room and gift shop. Hours: Mon-Sun (tasting): 10-7; Sat-Sun (tours): 2 & 4

From the North: Take IL-53/I-355 south to Thorndale Exit west. From the City: Take I-290 west to Thorndale Exit west. From the South: Take I-294 north to I-290 west (Rockford) Exit. Go to Thorndale Exit west. From the West: Take I-88 east to I-355 north to Thorndale Exit west. From All Directions: Take Thorndale Exit west (Elgin-O'Hare Expressway) to Roselle Rd. Exit. Turn left on Roselle Rd., and go one mile to the winery at 15 S. Roselle Rd., which is on the left.

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15 S. Roselle Road, Roselle, IL, US, 60172 Email:
Phone: 630-529-9463 Web:
Fax: 630-529-4971
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  Cabernet Franc American Vintage
This is one of the five varietals that makes up a true Bordeaux blend.
  Cabernet Sauvignon American 1994
This premium red wine has been chosen by world class chef, Charlie Trotter, to be served on his exclusive wine list.
  Cabernet Sauvignon American Vintage
Dark cherry fruit, vanilla, chocolate and cedar entice. Taste: Complex and intense flavors of berries intermingle with vanilla, cassis, chocolate and cedar. Moderately long finish and nice tannins. Foods: Aged cheeses with soft flavors, ground beef, lamb, steak and portobello mushrooms.
  Cabernet Sauvignon, American Vintage 1996
Exquisite Cabernet with grapes from Quintessa Vineyard in Napa.
  Cabernet-Merlot, American, Vintage
Complex aromas of sweet oak, spice, cedar and berry fruit. Taste: Medium-full bodied. Berry fruit on the palate with a smooth finish/ A fine wine for early consumption with moderately seasoned meat dishes. Foods: Vegetarian lasagna, roast beef, lamb shanks, homemade pizza, and stuffed peppers. Well seasoned beef dishes would be best.
  Cabernet-Zinfandel American Vintage 2002
One of our most popular wines to date! This award winning wine boasts four international medals and is a tantalizing blend of 51% Cabernet & 49% Zinfandel. July's Wine of the Month 2004.
  Chardonel, Illinois Vintage
Appealing, clean aromas of lemons, vanilla and toasty oak. Taste: Medium-bodied. Attractive fruit in the mouth, with a full dimension of creamy and toasty oak throughout. Foods: Enjoy with well-seasoned shellfish or white meats.
  Chardonnay American Vintage
ling butter and toast with notes of granny smith apples and caramel. Taste: Creamy oak and lemon flavors with mingling notes of apple. Smooth, long finish of red delicious apples and caramel. Foods: Delightful when paired with grilled chicken or any seafood dish!
  Chardonnay American Vintage 2001
Made with Organically Grown Grapes
  Fred's Red
Deep, ruby red. Nose: Intense violets, cherry fruit with light herbs. Taste: Rich, round, full fruit flavors with pleasant spicy complexity from barrel aging A fruity finish. Foods: Spicy sausages, ham, lightly smoked meats and poultry, barbecue and outdoor dining. Great Pizza Wine. Spices: Oregano, garlic, peppers.
  Fred's White
An easy to drink wine! Goes great with friendly conversation.
  Fume Blanc American Vintage
ht ruby color. Moderate aromas of cherry fruit, spice and sweet oak. Taste: Light-Medium bodied. Nice currant and cherry flavors mingle with spices on the palate. Light oak and tannins are in harmony. A fine wine for early consumption. Foods: Delicious with moderately seasoned foods, beef bourguignon, beef stew, beef stir fry and duck. Try with cheddar or bleu cheese.
  Gewurztraminer American
A beautiful wine for anyone. This spicy, off-dry white seems to appeal to just about any palate.
  Glogg Wine
From the beginning of winter through the new year, Glogg is served in Swedish homes on every festive occasion. In our home, after dinner, we like to sit by the fireplace and enjoy Glogg with a plate of ginger citrus cookies.
  Ice Wine, Vidal Blanc, Vintage 2002
Delicious, premium, award-winning dessert wine!
  Lynfred Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage
Black cherry and almond scented bouquet. Taste: Medium-full bodied. Toasty oak on the palate along with dark berries, cherries and almonds. Hints of cranberry on the finish. Nice balance with the tannins. This wine contains all five Bordeaux grapes. Foods: Enjoy with well-seasoned meat dishes
  Lynfred Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage 2002
Lynfred Winery's 25th Anniversary commemorative Cabernet Sauvignon.
  Lynfred Legacy Chardonnay Vintage
Lynfred Winery's 25th Anniversary commemorative Chardonnay. Attractive apple, butter and toasty aromas. Taste: Viscous and fleshy on the palate with buttery, toasty, soft vanilla and creamy oak. Round and smooth. Finishes with a nice lemony aftertaste. Foods: Amazing with crab or lobster, with lemon!
  Lynn Star Classic Rose
A beautiful, light and dry red wine. The perfect wine for barbecued chicken!
  Malbec American Vintage
Delightful fruit, cedar and balsam-like aromas. Taste: Dark ruby color. Upon entry of the palate it reveals fruit and cedar, as well as spices. Firm, tannic finish. Foods: Marvelous with lamb or barbecue!
  Marsanne-Rousanne, American, Vintage
Aromas of honey and citrus, flowers and ripe fruit. Taste: Excellent texture, medium to full bodied. Exhibits wonderful honey fruit with hints of orange and floral. Foods: Exquisite with Cajun dishes, Caesar salad, hummus, smoked fish, risotto and crab cakes.
  Merlot, American Vintage
Black currants and cherry aromas with a hint of smoke. Taste: Medium-full bodied. Jammy fruit fills the mouth with cherry nuances. Sufficient acid for structure in the wine. Foods: Enjoy with beef and lamb dishes. Very versatile.
  Pinot Gris American Vintage 2003
The perfect gift for a white wine lover, or for yourself.
  Pinot Noir American Vintage
Lively cherries on the nose with earthy, spicy aromas. Taste: Medium-bodied. Moderate cherry flavors in the mouth with balanced tannins. Foods: An easy drinking wine that will go well with lightly seasoned poultry or veal dishes.
  Pinot Noir American Vintage
Light ruby color. Moderate aromas of cherry fruit, spice and sweet oak. Taste: Light-Medium bodied. Nice currant and cherry flavors mingle with spices on the palate. Light oak and tannins are in harmony. A fine wine for early consumption. Foods: Delicious with moderately seasoned foods, beef bourguignon, beef stew, beef stir fry and duck. Try with cheddar or bleu cheese.
  Riesling American Vintage
Pineapple and tangelo on this cheerful nose. Notes of honey! Taste: Luscious flavors of fresh honey, minneolas and tangerines excite the palate. A beautiful finish of candied orange. Foods: Fruit salads and Thai food love it!
  Sauvignon Blanc American Vintage
A scrumptious Sauvignon Blanc with a touch of French oak aging. Acidic and clean, yet still creamy.
  Select Harvest Vignoles
Perfect for an after dinner treat.
  Sweetheart Red
Lynfred's only sweet red wine. Perfect for those who want the health benefits of red wine, without the dryness. Made with Concord grapes.
  Syrah American Vintage
Intense, complex notes of cherries. Cedar-like and spicy aromas entice. Taste: Deep fruit impression on the palate, with cherry, vanillin and spicy characteristics. Nice oak and a fine tannin dimension. Foods: Barbecued meats will never be the same! Foods: Enjoy this fine wine with spicy barbecued chicken or peppercorn steak.
  Vidal Blanc Illinois
ard toasty oak on the nose, joined by floral and butterscotch tones. Taste: Medium-full bodied. Generous apple-fruit in the mouth, with ample oak. Good structure with a lingering finish. Foods: Enjoy with rich seafood and chicken dishes.
  Vin de City Red
My Kind of Wine! This wine is Fred's Red, but with a special label featuring a watercolor depicition of Chicago's skyline.
  Vin de City White
My Kind of Wine - this is actually Fred's White with a special Chicago-themed label! A nostalgic, water-color depiction of Chicago's skyline makes the perfect gift.
Delicious aromas of dry apricots, pears and toast. Taste: Light bodied. A nice, acidic wine that leaves a fresh and tangy feel on the palate. Clean pear taste that finishes round and clean. Foods: Wonderful when paired with summer salads, seafood, poultry, Asian dishes or as an aperitif`.
  Viognier American Vintage
Bright aromas of lychee, peach and tropical fruit intermingle with hints of guava. Taste: The aromas translate to the palate with a subtle, yet dry, finish. Foods: Sweet fruit desserts sing with this wine. Amazing with pork dishes.
  Wedding Red Wine
This elegant label featuring a bride and groom in embrace is the perfect way to say ' Congratulations' to that special couple. Also available in a white wine.
  Zinfandel Organically Grown American Vintage 2002
These grapes were grown organically at LaRocca Vineyards whom used no herbicides or pesticides during the grape growing process.


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