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Black Mesa Winery

Black Mesa Winery Located in scenic northern New Mexico on the main highway between Santa Fe and Taos (El Camino Real), the winery is situated in the ancient vineyards of early America at the mouth of the Rio Grande Canyon. Our own vineyards are in their infancy. Our wine grapes come from several sources including local vineyards, southern New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and California. Our goal is to produce a pleasant, refreshing beverage emphasizing the blending process. Varietal wines will become available when special batches produce outstanding wine. We are looking at expansion into a small conference center. Tasting and sales available at the winery.

From Interstate 25 take the St. Francis exit in Santa Fe and go north toward Taos through Espanola. The Winery is located at mile post 15 on Highway 68. Click here to get driving directions to Velarde, NM from Mapquest

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1502 Highway 68, Velarde, NM, US, 87582 Email:
Phone: 505-852-2820 Web:
Fax: 505-852-2820
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Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. A smooth, full body wine. 100% New Mexico grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot blend. And, like the ghost of the plains, Antelope tip-toes into the more forward reds with its soft texture and mellow mouth-feel. Gold medal winner at the 2004 New Mexico State Fair
  Black Beauty
A little chocolate. A little sweetness. A little naughty – could lead to dancing! Black Mesa's best seller. A chocolate-flavored red wine to go with dessert. Lush flavors of concentrated fruit, spice, and dark chocolate explode on the palate to capture the essence of Black Mesa Winery. The mellow finish lingers smoothly on the tongue. What a treat to go with your richest, chocolate dessert! Silver medal winner at the 2004 New Mexico State Fair
  Black Mesa Port 03
Black Mesa Port is made in the tradition of a ruby port. It is sweet, but not so sweet as to subdue its flavors of black cherries, raisins and mulberries. It is aged in oak and contains aromas of smoke and fire. 19% alcohol. Comes in a 500ml bottle. Bronze medal winner at the 2004 New Mexico State Fair
  Cabernet Sauvignon
Good tannins. Black cherry flavors. Our best yet!
  Conejito White
A sweet blend of northern New Mexico white wines including Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Conejito White, "little white rabbit", goes well with your favorite dessert or it can be the dessert itself! Use it to poach pears or peaches. It's also a great compliment to a special birthday celebration.
Black Mesa's signature wine. A full body, dry table wine. New Mexico grapes. Midnight in New Mexico. A full moon. A coyote wails in the distance. Capture that spirit of New Mexico with a serious wine blended from Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah, and Zinfandel. Aromas of fruit and smoke with a black pepper finish make Coyote the perfect match for hot, spicy food or a mesquite broiled steak. Silver medal winner at the 2004 Indy International Wine Competition, the 2004 Lone Star International Wine Competition, and the 2004 New Mexico State Fair
A medium body red wine made from Italian grapes grown in southern New Mexico. It is not too heavy and comes alive on your palate. A "picnic and pizza" wine for your enjoyment.
Non-traditional!! It's DRY!! Intense spicy, fruit flavors. Crisp with a mouthfeel and finish that just won't quit! It's the favorite wine of the winemaker's wife, Lynda.
  Malvasia Bianca
A veritable orchard-in-a-bottle! This Italian grape makes an outstanding light, dry wine with peaches on the nose, pears and pineapple on the palate. Made in the style of a Pinot Grigio.
  Mesa Merlot
Tastes of dark cherries and berries, balanced with low tannins and moderate acid.
  Mesa Rosa
A sweeter blush wine in the style of a white zin. 100% New Mexico grapes. Pretty in pink with a full body and a gentle sweetness, Mesa Rosa blends fun with a friendly, easy sipping wine. Hints of raspberry and a fruity finish make Mesa Rosa much more than a white Zin.
A DRY Muscat! Intense muscat fruit flavors. Very crisp. A long, dry finish.
  Petite Sirah
Though not directly related to the Syrah grape, the Petite Sirah makes a dark, well-balanced, sturdily tannic red wine. It has highly distinctive flavors of blackberries, black currents, and black pepper. We think you'll enjoy every glass.
  Pinot Noir
It's not every day that one gets to savor Oregon grapes made into a New Mexico wine. Black Mesa's Pinot Noir '01 is just that. The winemaker, who apprenticed in Oregon, drove to Corvallis himself to bring back these wonderful grapes. Filled with cherries and berries flavors, aged in French and American oak, you will remember this Pinot Noir for a long time to come.
A wonderful Italian grape red wine. Medium body, tastes of cherry. A nice acid balance. Deming, NM grapes grown by an Italian viticulturist
  Santa Fest
A mulled spice wine served hot or cold! This semi-sweet wine with mulled spice flavors reminds us of apple cider on a cold evening. Add a cinnamon stick and a slice of apple or orange for a special treat! Bronze Medal Winner at the 2004 New Mexico State Fair
  Sauvignon Blanc
A Sauvignon Blanc aged in oak barrels. 100% New Mexico grapes. Herb and citrus flavors enliven the tongue like Kokopelli dancing through Black Mesa's vineyards along the Rio Grande River. A zesty wine with a crisp finish.
  Velarde Merlot
100% Merlot grapes grown in Velarde, NM. You can almost hear the Rio Grande River flowing by the vineyard in Velarde as you savor this estate-grown wine. Smooth as an adobe's soft, rounded corners, the wine embraces life itself with rich fruit and muted overtones of earth and wood. Soft tannins lead to a mellow, lingering finish, like the rays of the setting sun.
  Velarde Riesling
A Summertime favorite. A lively wine with floral overtones and spices. The grapes are grown here in Velarde. This wine is served in several restaurants from Socorro to Santa Fe.
  White Port
Black Mesa's White Port is a sweetened Muscat wine aged in oak for your dessert-dining pleasure. Flavors of honey, apple and spice, all from the Muscat grape, make this wine a wonderful wine with apple or peach pie or as an after-dining cordial. 19% alcohol. Comes in a 375ml bottle.
  Woodnymph Riesling
An off-dry, semi-sweet, "Alsace" style Riesling blended from New Mexico grapes. Aged in American and French oak for 3 months, this wine is crisp with a floral nose and touches of apricot and pineapple on the palate.


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