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Davenport Orchards & Winery

Davenport Orchards & Winery C.W. and Mary Davenport moved to Lawrence in 1949, settling at the Jenny Wren Farm west of town where they raised apples, grain crops and cattle and ran a meat market and auction barn. C.W. retired in 1960, but soon discovered he needed something to keep him busy, so he bought farm ground east of Lawrence in the Kaw Bottoms area and set 74 acres of peaches and 6 acres of apples. The road bordering the farm came to be known as Peach Orchard Road (now County Road 1057 and/or East 1900 Road). C.W. and Mary's grandson Greg helped work the farm during the summer months and eventually took over operations when C.W.'s health no longer allowed him to work. Since then, Greg has added more apples and pears to the mix, then grapes because his wife Charlee thought "they looked so pretty". Given their respective German & Polish heritages, it was only natural that Greg and Charlee should begin making wine; first as amateurs, then commercially in August 1997. Greg & Charlee's intent is to make good wine from Kansas grown fruit, with minimal intervention, to allow the wine to express itself freely. We hope you will enjoy our wines as much as we enjoy making them. A votre sante'!

Four miles east of Lawrence on Hwy 10 to county road 1057 then north ½ mile

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1394 E 1900th Road, Eudora, KS, US, 66025 Email:
Phone: 785-542-2278 Web:
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From Blushing Gold apples. Great with barbecue; makes a wonderful BBQ sauce base.
Floral aroma, pleasant flavor, soft and easy to drink.
  Blackberry (375ml)
from Lawson's Berry Patch (Vinland). Luscious!
  Bonne Pomme
from Jonathans. After dinner favorite. Reduce it for ice cream topping.
  Boujy Noveaulo
We release this tart and fruity nouveau style wine on November 17 every year.
  Cayuga White
Cayuga takes to oak very well; serve at room temperature or slightly chilled. For Chardonnay lovers.
Fruity, tart and crisp, this one has a touch of sweetness, not so much to preclude having it with a meal.
Named for the noisy rooster in "A Year in Provence" (we had one just like him) and not quite as sweet as Charlotte's Red, you'll find a totally different taste.
  Charlotte's Red
From Fredonia. Probably our best seller, it is named for Charlee's mom, who loved a good sweet red wine.
  Chat in the Dark
Foch aged in stainless steel. A good uncomplicated red that will not overpower simple pasta dishes.
Foch-port style
From St. Vincent from the Sterbenz vineyard. An homage to the Lawrence/Eudora area's really good mandolin players
  Marechal Foch
  Mary's Blush
from Norton, intensely flavorful and a very dark blush. Named for Mary Davenport, Greg's grandma.
This is Welch's White Grape Juice grape, a white version of Charlotte's Red
Our 1999 vintage received an 83 score in the July 31, 2002 Wine Spectator magazine. With plenty of oak (but not overly so), Norton can be paired with anything normally served with Cabernet or Merlot. It gets lovelier with a little bottle aging.
  Peche (375ml)
from peaches, one or more varieties. Indescribable.
  Poire (375ml)
from pears, one or more varieties. A rare treat.
  Rhubarb (375ml)
from Pendleton's Country Market (Lawrence). You haven't lived...
from Marechal Foch, barrel aged. Similar to a Pinot, and named for the heroic knight in the Russian fairy tale (and M. I. Glinka's opera), "Ruslan and Ludmila."
  Sailer's Delight
  Seyval Blanc, German style
Tart, fruity, lower alcohol. Good acidity to balance richer dishes; works well with cheese and crackers, too. Riesling fans like this one.
Begins life as a blue grape. The skins don't yield much color, so we make a white and a rose' from this grape
Vignoles tastes like no other wine; with its powerful fruit flavors, it needs no accompaniment.
  Vignoles, Late Harvest
Harvesting late yields higher sugar and more intense pineapple and peach flavors. Outa this world!
  Wild Irish Rose'
made from Steuben. Rose'


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Nathan Granger says...
We have found the Mandolin wine to be exceptional for any gathering. A delightful, red wine that is smooth and not oaken or biting. Several of us found this wine to be extraordinary in taste and body. Where can we get more?