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Giancarelli Brothers Winery

Giancarelli Brothers Winery In 1937, Sam and Patsy Giancarelli started farming in Cato. Sam and Patsy’s sons started SG&S Farms, Inc. in 1972. For over 30 years, SG&S Farms has been known for quality strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. The fruit is available for pick-your-own or buy them at the farm stand. Giancarelli Brothers Winery LLC became an offshoot of the long-time farm in 2000. At the end of each season, there was so much fruit left in the field that it was easy to begin making fruit wines. To date the winery not only makes 100% fruit wines but also produces grape wines. There are no flavorings of any kind in our wine. These are used to make our blended wines. Several examples are red raspberry with Cayuga white wine, black raspberry with Cayuga white wine, and cranberry with apple wine. All are special blends that tantalize the pallet.

From Thruway: Exit 40, Turn left toward Cato. Go 3 miles on Route 34 to Shortcut Road. Winery is 2 miles on right. From Syracuse/Baldwinsville: Take Route 370 and turn left at Meridian onto Shortcut Road. Winery is 2 miles on left.

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10252 Sort Cut Road, Weedsport, NY, US, 13166 Email:
Phone: 315-626-2830 Web:
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A semi-dry wine that complements cheese and crackers. Try mulling this wine in your crock-pot with spice.
A semi-sweet wine that complements cheese cake or cheese and crackers.
This is our Ice Wine. A full flavored blueberry semi-dry wine. It has a very fruity fragrance. Highly Requested.
100% blackberry wine. A great sipping wine. The flavor of the blackberry is most refreshing. It brings memories back to when as a kid you ate blackberries from the bush at gram and grampa's farm.
A sweet full flavored wine.
Another top seller. A little sweeter than the semi-dry, but equally flavorful and fragrant. It also is very complementary at any occasion.
  BLUEBERRY / CONCORD - (White Band)
Semi-dry. One of our best sellers. This blend brings out the flavor of both blueberry and concord. It has full body and a great fragrance. Goes with any meal or any occasion.
A blend of our finest red grapes. Semi-dry. A very nice dinner wine, excellent with red meats, pasta, salads and pizza. Also wonderful with cheese and fruit.
Also a new blend that has been very popular. A semi-sweet blend bringing out just the right amount of black raspberry.
A good raspberry wine blended with Cayuga White Wine, One of our newest blends which is very popular. Great with some chocolate dessert, brownie or alone. A semi-sweet with a very nice zing from the red raspberry. Refreshing !!
(Gold Band ) A sweet classic wine from white grapes. Goes great with fish or fowl, light meats, cheese and fruit.
White Band - The same great blend of white grapes but a little drier.
(Black) A full flavored semi-sweet wine, with a lot of body. Try with cheese cake or crackers and cheese or just alone.
Semi-dry with a real concord grape flavor. Full body and very fragrant.
Full flavored table wine, very dry.
Dry red table wine
Blend of white grapes. Great when cooking white sauces, biscottis and anything calling for dry white vinegar such as meringues(pavlova). This wine is wonderful with cheese, crackers and fruit.
Our Silver Medal winning wine of 2003. The 100% elderberry brings you a robust full bodied wine with character. Standing out as a little different from the other fruit wines.
Our Bronze Medal New York grape wine. Semi-dry. It is very grapie and fruity in its full bodied flavor. Try with an apple or some cheese and crackers.
Semi-sweet, having a soft lingering of peachy flavor but not too sweet. Brings you not only the flavor of the peach but the fragrance of that mid-summer peach orchard.
Our Gold Medal Semi-sweet wine. A full body flavor yet remaining soft and just sweet enough enhancing the flavor.
  PLUM - (Red)
New York purple plums. Has an excellent plum flavor and fragrance. A wonderful dessert wine or any time when you want to feel a little extra special. Very popular with Asian foods.
  PLUM - (Yellow)
Our Gold Medal wine of 2004. New York sugar plums were used to make this semi-sweet wine. Very popular alone or served with cheese cake or other cheese based desserts.
(Red) A semi-sweet full raspberry flavored wine. A nice balance of sweetness and a little tang from the raspberry. Goes great with any chocolate desserts, or pour over cheesecake. Try this wine in your brownie mix as the liquid.
Blend of red grapes, making a semi wine that goes great anytime.
Semi-dry. Great with fish and fowl or any white meats. Has a very nice grape flavor and fragrance.
Our sweetest wine full of that luscious strawberry flavor. Great for sipping or try pouring over cheesecake.


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