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Galway Rock Vineyard and Winery

Galway Rock Vineyard and Winery The Garagistes are a group of small-scale winemakers in Bordeaux who chose to break the shackles of time-held traditions that enforced the status quo of the wine world for thousands of years. Rising to prominence in the mid-1990s, these renegades began hand-crafting new styles of wine they called garage wines, also known as Vins de Garage. Having evolved over time, no true garage wine style dominates the movement; rather, the lasting impact of the movement is the Garagistes themselves – small producers crafting fine wine in small batches. With time, the Garagistes movement transplanted itself from the Old World to the New World in California. Paso Robles in particular has become the hotbed for small-batch productions, acting as the home to a significant number of small-scale winemaking enterprises and hosting an annual competition to judge the best garage wines. Building on this momentum, we are hoping to bring the best of the Garagistes movement to the foothills of the Adirondacks. Our main goal is to produce the highest-quality grapes and wines on a small-scale, integrating ourselves into the collective conscience of our regional community.


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