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Fasi Estate Winery

Fasi Estate Winery In 1999, the Fäsi Estate set out to create a Syrah Vineyard in the San Joaquin Valley unlike any other in the region. The 42 acre "Vineyard 2000" (V2K) is the culmination of this idea and is built around one very simple, yet unique concept: Create an organically certified vineyard that marries the long traditions of wine grape growing with various precise and real-time monitoring sensors that today's technology allows. Since the early stages of development, the Fäsi Estate welcomed and engaged the advice of the Viticulture Department of Fresno State University and the good family friend, Prof. Cesare Fabietti. Together they applied the most modern technologies available for both the development and the organic cultivation practices of the vineyard.


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42415 Road 208, Friant, CA, US, 93626 Email:
Phone: 559-822-2111 Web:
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  Fäsi Crest Syrah
The wait is over. The award winning 2004 Fäsi Crest Syrah has been bottled and is ready for delivery. In the words of famous wine critique Wilfred Wong our wine is of deep ruby, blackish color; big, brawny aroma of bold black fruits and sweet oak nuances, very good depth of fruit, the wood is a bit much; full bodied, extract and tannic on the palate, good strucutre; dry, medium acidity, needs to be a bit livelier, good balance; bold, heavy ripe fruit flavors sit more than a shading of oak; medium finish, slightly rounded aftertaste. (Best Served 2007-2012)
  Fäsi Crest Syrah
The first private label vintage, the 2003 Fäsi Crest Syrah wine, is available. With pride we note that it has won 2 Gold Medals and received 91 points from the famous wine critic Wilfred Wong. In his words the wine is bright ruby color with a vivid magenta rim, young and lusty; tangy tart fruit aroma reminiscent of loganberries, excellent red to black fruit notes, very good fruit depth; quite fragrant; medium bodied, perky on the palate, excellent vitality; dry very good acidity, well-balanced; pleasing, quite fruit-forward flavors of red and black fruits, very good concentration, well put together; medium finish, zippy aftertaste.
  Fäsi Crest Syrah Rosé
The first Fäsi Crest Syrah Rosé 2005 is now available. More as an after thought, Claude Bobba from Wente Vineyards wanted to prove to us that he could make a dry Rosé by adding some Pinot Grigio. Wilfred Wong defines it as: Deep pink color; attractive raspberry-like aroma with a slightly detracting green, herbal element, very good depth of fruit; medium bodied, nicely packed on the palate, a touch of excess tannin, good structure; dry, good acidity, good balance; pleasant grapey, weedy flavors, a bit modest in concentration; medium finish, nice structure. (Best Served: 2006-2008)


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