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Cooper Vineyards

Cooper Vineyards At Cooper Vineyards, we believe that winemaking begins in the vineyard. Our passion for growing quality grapes is reflected in our exciting portfolio of award-winning wines. Open Friday through Sunday 11am to 5pm.


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21365 Shenandoah School Road, Plymouth, CA, US, 95669 Email:
Phone: 209-245-6181 Web:
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  Alicante Bouschet
Known in France as a teinturier literally, a dyer, when crushed this hybrid of Petite Bouschet and Grenache is one of the few grapes to produce deep red juice. Alicante's high yields and thick, rot-resistant skin made it a favorite for shipping to our home-winemaking friends back east during prohibition. This limited production wine is a favorite at Cooper for it's full body, aggressive tannins, and smooth finish.
Vibrant fruit character and soft, velvety tannins invite easy and early enjoyment of this vintage. Excellent acidity enhances layers of ripe plums, currants and smokey notes from barrel aging. Complements full meals and late night tapas.
  Petite Sirah
Curiously aloof, this vintage of Petite Sirah stands alone. Sophisticated with essence of black cherries, spices and firm tannins, let the confidence rub off on you and pursue your passions!
Sassy! Spicy! Elegant! Barrel fermentation imparts a buttery finish to the underlying hints of pear and passion fruit. Says one winemaker, "It's like a Chardonnay with a tiny pine tree on top!"
Salute Bueno Amici, celebrate good friends! Reminiscent of the 2002 vintage, this soft and earthy Sangiovese leaves you with a lingering finish of hints of chocolate.
The day the Fricken Chicken crossed the highway, he was aggressively persuaded through the Syrah vineyards home to safety. The same estate vineyards produce this articulate, crisp, and spicy Syrah that offers a subtle suggestion of strawberry on the finish. One sip and you’ll know why Fricken-Chicken crossed the road!
Inspiring flavors of butter, pear, honeysuckle and lemon make this the perfect aperitif wine. Pairs well with cheese, fruits and dishes with white sauces. Uncork the taste of summer!
  Zinfandel del campo
Commingled during crush, shacked-up during press, this field blend of 85% Zinfandel and 15% Barbera shows an intense fruit flavor and lush texture. A health to you, a wealth to you...down the hatch to a striking match. (Ambrose Bierce)
  Zinfandel del campo
Every Tuesday night, Denny Crane and Alan Shore enjoy a cigar on the balcony of Crane Poole and Schmidt. If TV land allowed the consumption of alcohol on-screen, perhaps they would be drinking this late harvest blend of Zinfandel and Barbera. The delicate balance of sweet berries and spices proves, beyond reasonable doubt, to pair well with chunks of chocolate and cigars. Denny Crane!
  Zinfandel due cugini
Repeat victories. Remember when Michael Jordan was the Chicago Bulls? And what about Ken Jennings, who lasted through sixty-something something days on Jeopardy? Our newest vintage of due cugini, two cousins, Zinfandel repeats last year's gold medal and Best of Class performance. Brilliant flavors of wild berries, black pepper and subtle oak. Uncork bottle, pour into glass, sip, repeat.


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