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Parts & Labor Brewing Company

Parts & Labor Brewing Company Everyone always says, "hindsight is 20/20." When we look back on the story that brought us to this point- Parts & Labor Brewing Company, the answer isn't always that clear. It could start with a story that begins with "once upon a time," like a love story, which is partly true. Then, somewhere in there, you could interject a tragic event or a turning point, which there are some of those too. But looking back on how we got here, it is more like a handful of moments, a handful of moonshot ideas, a handful of occasions where the stars aligned in a way that can only be credited to divine intervention. But at the end of it all, we aren't doing anything utterly remarkable. We are crafting the best beer we can, having fun doing it, but most of all, creating something. Creating a mark on the town we both grew up in, making friends along the way, and hopefully making something that will stand the test of time for our family. For us, it isn't just Parts & Labor Brewing Company- it's a labor of love. We love beer, and we hope you will love our beer too.


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402 Main Street, Sterling, CO, US, 80751 Email:
Phone: 970-425-7540 Web:
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We sourced the fruit for this fabulous wine from the Tutt Vineyard, owned by a personal friend of the Arciero family, whose ranch in southeastern San Luis Obispo county is ideal for ripe, fullbodied Cabernet. Intense, bright aromas of cherry and strawberry are complimented by spicy notes of ginger and vanilla. With big flavors of blackberry and cocoa, the finish is lush and satisfying.
The bouquet opens with fresh apples and pears and is complimented by overtones of melon and fig. Light bodied, flavors of white peach and lemon peel are followed by a crisp, flinty finish
An excellent vintage in California, our 2001 Merlot has intense fruit, distinguished varietal character and a lush mouth-feel. Ripe aromas of berry and plum, with herbal notes of peppermint and bay leaf lead to spicy, full-bodied flavors of cherry and chocolate. The finish is supple and satisfying.
While being poured into the glass this wine exhibits the intense ?eblack ink” color that Petite Sirah is known for. Aromas of rich boysenberries and currents leap from the glass with hints of spice and oak. On the palate these aromatic qualities combine with nuances of coffee and chocolate filling the mouth from beginning to end. The well-structured tannins provide a lingering finish balanced with the wine's body. Drink now or allow to age up to 8 years.
This Estate field blend of 27% Sangiovese, 55% Merlot and 18% Petite Sirah was crushed into a tank and the must cold-soaked for 16 hours, producing a brilliant rosé color. After pressed from the skins, the juice was settled for two weeks to separate the lees, allowing for a clean fermentation. The juice was cold-fermented, and stopped at a residual sugar level of 2.0%, with a pH of 3.56, for a balanced and refreshing finished wine. Perfect for enjoying during the spring and summer on the California coast, aromas of cranberries, strawberries, rose petals, and a hint of grapefruit lead to layered flavors of mango, cranberry and strawberry. These flavors are augmented by hints of guava and flowers. The color is a brilliant combination of cranberry and guava, and the finish is crisp and clean.
Fresh grapefruit dominates the nose and hints of white peach dance across the palate, leading to a crisp, citrus finish.
Made from the same grapes used to handcraft our award-winning traditional red Merlot, the clusters are hand-picked in the cool morning hours and pressed off of the skins immediately upon arrival at the winery. This minimum skin contact imparts a pale pink hue to this blush version of the popular Merlot varietal. Fermented slowly at low temperatures, the long fermentation time preserves the fresh fruity characteristics and the fermentation is stopped just short of dryness to balance the firm acidity with a touch of sweetness. Light bodied and crisp, scents of fresh strawberries and raspberries greet the nose followed by a tart cranberry and cherry finish.
Sourced from the same vineyards as our award-winning red Zinfandel wine, this White Zinfandel is light-bodied and fruity without sacrificing the depth and complexity our red Zin is known for. Bright aromas of strawberry, melon and peach dominate the nose, with a slight brambly nuance.


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