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Bear Creek Winery

Bear Creek Winery A winery in Alaska? Where do you grow your grapes? These are the first reactions we get from people that hear about us. Yes we do have a Winery in Homer, Alaska. It is located on Bear Creek Drive overlooking beautiful Kachemak Bay and the Glaciers beyond. Although we do not grow grapes here, we do grow, pick and process some of the best berries in the world. Along with our signature (and very popular!) Raspberry-Rhubarb wine we make Blueberry, Raspberry, Wild Cranberry Wine, Fireweed Honey Wine (wow!), an amazing Strawberry Wine and lots and lots of Rhubarb wine. These wines are all made from locally-grown ingredients. We do make grape wines as well (see our wine list) from grape juice concentrate which we import from all over the globe. We also blend our country wines with the grape wines we produce. Our Blu Zin (Blueberry/White Zinfandel) is so smooth we have trouble making it fast enough for everyone. We also make a Raspberry Rossa, a wine we named Crush (Cranberry/Blush Blend) and a Peach Chardonnay that is quite good. So when you are in Homer come by to visit and you will be able to sample any of our wines before making a purchase. Most of our wines are one-of-a-kind and cannot be purchased anywhere else.


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60203 Bear Creek Drive, Homer, AK, US, 99603 Email:
Phone: 907-235-8484 Web:
Fax: 907-235-3491
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  Alaskan Chardonnay
Australia and Alaska together will delight your tongue.
  Black Raspberry
A sweeter wine bursting with true- to- the- fruit flavor.
  Blu Zin
Blueberries and our White Zinfandel make this a one-of-a-kind wine.
  Blueberry Mirlo
One of our special blends to tantalize your palate.
A clean crisp blend of cranberries, raspberries and blush wine.
  Fireweed Mead
Made with Local Fireweed honey and Fireweed Petals.
Dry or sweet this berry has a very distinctive taste.
  Homer Spit Wine
A German grape wine blended with Alaskan Raspberries that is so smooth it will stand alone or complement any meal.
Rich, warm and generous in character, this full bodied classic is bold, with a distinctively long fruity after taste.
Available Sassy or Regular, this is the wine that started it all for us.
  Raspberry Mead
Local honey and raspberries make this unique wine.
  Raspberry Rossa
Grape and Country wine join to make this dry dinner wine.
Sassy Raspberry and sweet Rhubarb meet at just the right place.
This dry to sweet wine has the taste of Alaska.
A light wine that holds the essence of the fruit with a dry finish.
  Wild Berry
Our house blend of Blueberry, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Raspberry is a favorite with all our regulars.


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