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Casa Cassara Winery and Vineyard

Casa Cassara Winery and Vineyard When Bennie Cassara first set foot on this mountain top retreat he knew this was the place for which he had been looking. Bennie a brick mason by trade was busy running his Masonry construction company in Orange County California, but he was looking for a place where he and his family could get away from the daily grind. That was April of 1981; in the years following the family utilized the property located just three hours north of their home in Long Beach as a weekend retreat. In 1984 construction started on the main house, a magnificent structure built surrounding a huge brick fireplace, which supports the roof of the great room. The Estate Vineyard near dusk. Over the next few years Bennie brought up horses for his grandchildren, raised cattle, chickens and even a few goats. It was in 1990 the first vines were planted on the tiny hilltop estate. Bennie chose Pinot Noir grapes at the urging of his friend Brian Babcock of the Babcock Winery. Brian told Bennie his property with its hillside exposure would be the perfect growing environment for Pinot Noir grapes, this variatal is grown on hillsides in France, and Brian knew the combination of warm days and cool foggy nights would be perfect. It took several years and a great deal of work before the first grapes were ready for market. The first wine produced from the vineyard was actually made in 1995; John Krska, of the Babcock Winery, made the equivalent of about one gallon of wine. Bennie Cassara, Brian Babcock, John Krska and Dan Cassara stood in the lab at Babcock Winery and tasted the fruits of the harvest. Brian knew then a world class Pinot Noir could be produced from the grapes in this vineyard. In 1996 there was enough of a harvest for Bennie to sell the grapes and Brian Babcock purchased them to create a vineyard designate wine, named Babcock Winery Pinot Noir from Casa Cassara Vineyards. From the harvest of one-half ton of grapes Brian produced 35 cases of wine. Casa Cassara Vineyard was on its way; in 1997 again Babcock produced a Pinot Noir using Bennie Cassara’s grapes.

We are just off Atterdag on the Northeast side of Mission. There is a parking lot behind our building, and you can access the Tasting Room from the rear.

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  Estate Pinot Noir
2003 Pinot Noir, Estate, Our flagship wine comes from our continually excelling vineyard. It continues to give us remarkable fruit in very limited quantities with this vintage being no exception. This wine melts in your mouth and brings the pleasure of luscious berries rounded with vanilla and slight toast. Deeper in color and flavor than the previous vintage but aging gently to become even more supple. Drink now but better to hold a few months up to 5 years.
  Pinot Noir Burning Creek
This wine is not a light Pinot. It is deep in red/garnet color and almost opaque but clear as a bell in the light. The nose jumps a bit out of the glass with spice and smoke but hints to the underlying Burgundian earth characteristics of a true Pinot Noir without any offending characters in the smell. This wine is truly a California appellation character wine. It is bold on the pallet and so full of blackberries, cranberries and cherries you think you are sipping on their juice. There is even a hint of sweetness though the wine is dry. It is so full of character and complexity it is different with every sip and brings an adventure to your pallet. A softness accompanies medium tannins as the finish lingers for a time. This wine is so pleasing to your mouth it is very irresistible to those seeking terrior wines of this area.
  Pinot Noir Burning Creek, Santa Rita Hills
Second release of our limited production individual vineyard also located in the heart of the Santa Rita Hills. Our top award winning wine from 2001 is followed in consistency with this 2002. Deep rich color brings brilliance to this unique Pinot. The vineyard is very small and produces only 200 cases of our wine exclusively. This wine is young but not too much to drink it in winter by the fireplace. While it possesses the intensity of the last vintage it is also young enough to cellar for a few years and add to it’s excellence. The wine sits pleasantly on your pallet with definite extraction. Balance and smoothness give a long lingering finish. Some formidable tannins holds it in check, but it is not overpowered and compliments the wine’s complexity. This goes incredibly well with Duck with Raspberry Pinot Noir reduced sauce, or succulent New Zealand Lamb and Rosemary glaze or a perfect filet from your favorite butcher. Many have enjoyed sipping on this wine all by itself!!
  Pinot Noir Estate
This wine is aging quite nicely with bright blue/red color and a supple nose of gentle oak and spice. The pallet is also supple and complex with a light weight yet lingers into earth tones of a nice Burgundian character with enough tannin strength to give a few more years. Smooth on the finish with lingering sweet spice. This wine is easily matched with many entree’s including BBQ lamb, fruit stuffed pork loin, prime rib, fruit,cheeses and breads. A classic style with terrior expression of the appellation.
  Pinot Noir Estate
This wine shows bright red color with deepness akin to great extraction. The nose is still supple with gentle oak, pepper and sweet spice with the undertones of violets. Upon the pallet this wine immediately holds weight and quickly adopts a spice and dark fruit taste. The toasty French oak comes through with medium tannins and vanilla. This wine is very palatable with a bit bolder foods and is enjoyable especially alone after decanting. We recommend you try it and buy an extra bottle to hold for a few years so it may turn into pure Gold.
  Pinot Noir Estate
Burgundian style classic Pinot Noir emerges again, exclusively from the Casa Cassara Estate vineyard deep within the Santa Rita Hills between Lompoc and Buellton, CA where cool breezes and ocean fog deepen the intensity of our estate grapes. This wine is still quite young yet drinkable and will benefit from cellar aging a couple of years. Decanting benefits this wine at it’s young age. This wine is truly a Pinot lover’s wine with it’s classic characters. This wine pairs with so many foods it is hard to match to just one. It is smooth and supple with blackberry and blueberry influences with just enough tannin to hold it’s strength. Sharp and a bit tight yet lingers nicely on the palate. It matches well with Pork loin, lamb, duck, and fire roasted vegetables. Grilled Halibut or Sea Bass are an excellent alternative to meat.
  Santa Rita Hills Chardonnay
Handcrafted from the Santa Rita Hills where cool weather retains the true fruit qualities in the grapes that encompass the makeup of this blended wine of 100% Chardonnay grapes from the Huber, Sanford & Benedict and Mt. Carmel vineyards. Aged in neutral oak for an extended time allowed the wine to take on the creaminess and butter essences but not overpowering of oak taste. The wine boasts apricots, crisp lemons, smooth toasty oak, and hints of butterscotch. The finish is crisp and long. It is much more similar to the French quality wines that compliment food so well. Pairs well with shellfish, oysters on the half shell, Sushi, light fish varieties, Japanese cuisine, game hens, salads, and fruit with mild soft cheeses.
  Santa Rita Hills Cuveé Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County
This is our newest wine that blends several Pinot Noir vineyards chosen for their distinct qualities. It is strictly a Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir, blended to make a unique table wine for your everyday consumption. Some of the vineyard sources for these grapes were: Casa Cassara Estate vineyard (SRH) Carriaga (Los Alamos), Babcock (SRH), and a small amount of Burning Creek Vineyard (SRH). This wine matches so well with any form of BBQ smoked meats and vegetables. Accompany with bold cheeses and acidic fruits for a new palate experience. Light enough to compliment lunches as well as everyday dinner cuisine. Bolder salads including field greens, blue cheese, nuts and fruit match excellently.
  Sauvignon Blanc
2004 Sauvignon Blanc, specially selected grapes from the Santa Ynez Valley went into this bright, crisp, peachy vanilla scented wine. Apricots, pineapple, caramel and slightly smoky oak round out a crisp finish that lingers lightly on your palate. This is an excellent wine to chill and sip on a warm summer evening, or afternoon BBQ. It holds up very well with balanced acidity to many seafood and salads. Just released May 20, 2005.
  Syrah, Santa Ynez Valley
A great follow up to our 2001 this wine is as smooth and terrific as expected. This mature 8 year old vineyard in Santa Ynez is managed by our own vineyard manager so we receive the finest quality grapes each year we purchase them. The vineyard is located in the eastern Santa Ynez Valley at Great Oaks Ranch where hot temperatures during the day bring on very intense flavors in the grapes. The wine is young and bold with fresh blackberries, hints of cassis, with raspberries sneaking into the toasty oak and vanilla from several months of aging in French oak barrels. Tannins are a bit tighter on this one but not harsh. This wine is for the bold at heart as the extraction on it is intense purple and incredibly deep in flavor. You can barely see through this wine it is so dark! Yet with all it’s bold tendencies it is smooth and will soften even more as the year goes by. Best with BBQ, Venison, steaks, Cajun, Italian Sausages, Veggie Lasagna, Pizza, and Mexican menus. Especially great with slightly sweet Danish or Bittersweet Belgian chocolate.


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