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Door Peninsula Winery

Door Peninsula Winery Door County, home of Door Peninsula Winery, is a charming and romantic setting surrounded by pristine waters and blessed with fertile soil. It's the perfect climate to produce the abundant fruit harvest, which yields the exceptional juices used in making more than 40 delicious varieties. Until 1963, this charming old building served as the area's schoolhouse. Since then, the winery has doubled its retail and production space, making it one of the largest wineries in the Midwest, while retaining the charm of the original school built in 1868. As visitors are guided on a tour through the age-old wine process of fermentation, racking and aging, you will be entertained by "Charlie Cherry Wood" - he's a real character. Free wine sampling will allow you to choose your favorite Door Peninsula wine.


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5806 Highway 42 North, Sturgeon Bay, WI, US, 54235 Email:
Phone: 800-551-5049 Web:
Fax: 920-743-5999
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  Black Raspberry Wine
Semi-Sweet Wine.
  Blackberry Merlot Wine
This exciting full bodied blend brings together a dry red wine with a sweet fruit wine to make an exceptionally smooth dinner or dessert wine.
  Blackberry Wine
Bursting with the tang of fresh blackberries, this wine is best enjoyed as a sipping or dessert wine.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
This delicate, very dry red wine, is fantastic when served with Red Italian sauces and beef. It is very special when served with lamb. This wine is best when served at room temperature.
  California Merlot
This unique Merlot blends the characteristics of serveral California vineyards to create a distinctive and exceptional wine. Vineyard locations offer temperature variations which enhance the wines' tannin & structure while adding to the color intensity and red berry aromas.
  California Merlot
This wine has unique and distinctive intense red berry aroma.
  California Pinot Noir
The grapes for this sophisticated Pinot Noir are grown at the mouth of California's Arroyo Seco Canyon from six distinctive clonal lots creating a wine of remarkable nuance and complexity with intense color and soft tannins. New French and seasoned barrels add a velvety texture to generous berry and cherry flavors.
A medium dry, light and fruity blend of Apple Wine and American Chardonnay wine.
This handcrafted Chardonnay is a bright, crisp wine with generous tropical and citrus fruit flavor. Barrel fermentation and aging enhance the complexity and depth of this memorable Chardonnay.
  Cherry Nouveau Blush Wine
Made from fresh free run juice of cold pressed cherries, giving this wine a taste that is fresh, crisp, fruity and light in body, with just a blush of color.
  Chesun Plum Wine
A full bodied oriental-style plum wine with a spicy flavor. Serve with stir-fry and meat dishes.
  Chocolate Cherry Wine
A sweet cherry wine with a hint of chocolate flavor. A great desert wine!
  Concord Grape Wine
This traditional American red wine is semi-sweet, and has the distinctive and pleasant flavor of Concord grapes. It can be enjoyed with cheese and makes an excellent sipping wine.
A medium dry full bodied blend of Cranberry Wine and American Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Wine.
  Cranberry Wine
This is a fresh, tart wine with the full flavor of cranberries. Serve with red meats, stews and wild game, and aged robust cheese.
  Cranberry/Apple Wine
An interesting blend of cranberry and apple flavors, which gives a tart flavor with a touch of sweetness. Serve with beef dishes and aged cheddar cheese.
  Door County Christmas Wine
Begin your Holiday Season with this best-selling red wine.
  Door County White Christmas
A favorite of all ages! What a great gift idea for that special someone.
  Dry Cherry Wine
A moderately dry fruit wine that is made from Door County cherries. It goes well with steaks, roasts, stews, pastas, and cheddar cheese.
A sweet white varietal featuring a bold, forward, fruity taste with hints of guava, grapefruit, vanilla and honey. This wine has a floral nose and an earthly mineral core which gives it depth and delivers an incredibly versatile wine.
  Mad about Mango
A fine American grape wine with natural mango flavor, an excellent desert wine.
  Medium-Dry Pear Wine
Offers a soft, light and fruity flavor of the pear, and should be served chilled. Goes well with fish, desserts, fruits and cheese.
A smooth, soft, red wine displaying plum and black cherry aromas. Reminiscent of Cabernet Sauvignon, but easier to drink. Serve at room temperature with beef and lamb dishes.
  Mulled Christmas Wine
A warm idea for winter, this semi-sweet cherry wine is mulled with spices which make it an ideal sipping wine when served warm. Place a glass in the microwave for 10-12 seconds on high
  Muscat Alexandria
This Muscat Alexandria, is slightly sweet but crisp with peach, lime and honeyed pear overtones.
  Panacea Peach Wine
Those who like peaches will love this wine. The unique flavor of peaches makes this wine especially enjoyable as sipping wine, as well as a dessert wine. Serve well chilled.
  Peninsula Red
A full-bodied table wine.
  Pinot Grigio
This Pinot Grigio, is bright and fresh with crisp apple flavors. Notes of banana and quince with floral overtones, come through on the finish.
  Razzle Dazzle Raspberry Wine
A great raspberry flavor! This wine is especially refreshing when served chilled or "on the rocks" on a warm summer day. It also makes a great summer cooler when mixed with clear soda.
  Red Zinfandel Wine
Truly a wine with ripe berry characters. A little lighter and drinkable for red wine. Serve at room temperature with hearty pastas, red meats, and spicy dishes.
  Reserve Port
A semi-sweet desert wine with youthful fruit flavors enhanced with ripe plum characteristics
  Sauvignon Blanc
Elegant and sophisticated, this Sauvignon Blanc, has full rich flavors of melon and fig with a contrasting citrus top note for a refreshing anytime wine.
  Spiced Apple
Relish a brisk autumn or winter day in Door County with a mug of our "hot spiced apple wine". The blend of cinnamon and nutmeg with Door County apples makes this a hearty, flavorful wine that will warm the spirits at anytime. Place a glass in the microwave for 10-12 seconds on high.
  Strawberry Wine
A light-bodied wine with the delicious flavor of fresh strawberries. The light fruity flavor of this wine makes it a fine choice for serving with fruits, cakes and cheese.
  Strawberry-White Zinfandel
Try this new favorite of both young and old, we're sure you'll love the refreshing strawberry flavor.
  Sweet Apple
For a taste of Door County apples, try this wine. Just the wine for "Apple Lovers." This blended apple wine can be enjoyed with baked ham and other pork dishes. It is also a fine companion with cheddar, Swiss and brick cheese.
  Sweet Cherry Wine
One of our most famous and popular wines. This wine, which has the full flavor of Montmorency Cherries, can be enjoyed with any meal. The moderate sweetness and rich color of this wine also makes it a great sipping wine.
  Sweet Plum Wine
This wine has the full hearty flavor of plums, and is a fine compliment for stews, roasts and aged cheese. It is also a traditional wine for many Oriental meat dishes.
This exceptional Syrah, showcases generous black cherry and blackberry flavors with a hint of spices. The Syrah is blended with a small percent of our Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot for complexity, then barrel aged for one year.
The rich honeysuckle and pineapple aromas of this golden hued Viognier provides a great beginning, then follows through with flavors of pear, peach and tropical fruit.
  Wedding Wine
Serve this wonderful wine for your wedding, or suprise the one you love this Valentines day with our Wedding wine.
  White Merlot
This White Merlot, is a delicious sweet alternative to the more traditional claret styled Merlots. This refreshing varietal bursts with palate pleaseing fruit flavor.
  White Riesling
Created from the floral White Riesling grape. This wine features the aroma of apricots and peaches with an undertone of lemons.
  White Zinfandel
This wine features an aromatic nose, a seductive honeyed pear and apricot essence on the palate with a round mouth feel and refreshing finish. Full bodied, luscious and bursting with flavor.


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