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Hyman Vineyards

Hyman Vineyards Hyman Farms, Inc. is a South Carolina Agri-business specializing in growing and processing botanical based raw materials for the development of nutraceutical and cosmaceutical products. Every botanical grown has special attention paid to the research and development of each aspect of the botanical. By doing so, we take the steps necessary to create quality life enhancing products which inherently promote healthy lifestyles. Hyman Vineyards is a natural products company that has a hand in all aspects of the vineyard, including: growing, formulating, producing and marketing our line of natural products. By doing this, Hyman Vineyards is helping set the stage for alternative crop growing throughout the state of South Carolina and the entire Southern region, where muscadines, and other related botanicals, are native to the soil. Growing alternative crops such as muscadine grapes is just one of many powerful ways farmers have the opportunity to grow healthy, natural crops for a commercial purpose other than simply selling fresh produce. Join Hyman Vineyards as we show by example how farmers can participate in all aspects of retail and commercial product production, from start to finish!


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6027 Old Bucksville Road, Conway, SC, US, 29527 Email:
Phone: 800-235-7563 Web:
Fax: 843-397-8515
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  Southern Nights
A wonderful dark red wine. This wine has a fruity nose with subtle tastes. Typically served with traditional southern red meat entrées, but sure to please the palate with just about any meal.
  Southern Sunrise Blush
We use this late season varietal to make one of our most popular southern muscadine wines. Like the name suggests, a southern sunrise is like no other; it’s warm, inviting, and a little mystical. Try this wonderful wine and experience a Southern Sunrise for yourself
  Southern Sunset Rosé
This wine embodies fullness and is indicative of muscadine red wines. The large red grapes used to produce this wine ripen uniformly, early to mid season. This wine has been appreciated for generations and like the wonderful sunsets of the old south, this wine is sure to please the soul.
  Southern Sunshine
A fruity white wine made from large bronze muscadine grapes. Touting a very smooth finish and a wonderful grape aroma and taste. A must for those who love the old fashioned flavor of muscadine grapes. Best served chilled.


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