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Crown Bench Estates

Crown Bench Estates Crown Bench Estate Winery is based on a simple idea, that by combining the very best in terrain, viticultural practices, oneological stewardship and administration, the pillars of a quality winery will have been established. In order to make a great wine you have to have quality grapes. There are no substitutes. The talents of the best wine maker can make an inferior wine into a good wine but, not a great wine. And no amount of marketing hoopla can elevate it.


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3850 Aberdeen Road, Beamsville, ON, CA, LOR 1B7 Email:
Phone: 888-537-6192 Web:
Fax: 905-563-3441
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  Barrel Fermented Vidal Icewine VQA
This is an amazing Icewine from the Beamsville Bench. Our finest Icewine juice was barrel fermented and aged in new oak to give this wine added complexity and a tannin backbone. Winter gold in a bottle. (Gold Medal winner- Intervin, Silver Ontario Wine Awards, Honourable Mention Vinitaly)
  Beamsville Bench Meritage
This wine is a true Bordeaux. It is a blend of our very best grapes. 60% Cabernet Franc, 20% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon. Barrel aged 24 months in oak.
  Beamsville Bench VQA
This wine is Crown Bench's flagship red. A true Bordeaux incorporating the very best of our Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. This blend is a superb example of the product of cool-climate viticulture with all the manners of a Kentucky thoroughbred. A 50% reduced crop, prolonged maceration and barrel aged eighteen months. On the palate dark plum, black currant and cherries with a hint of black pepper and cedar.
  Cabernet Franc Icewine VQA
A rare and unusual Vinifera Icewine. Combining ripe plum and fresh fruit flavours. A mouth watering sweetness with a refreshing finish. A true dessert wine for the discriminating palate. ( 14% alc.) Acclaimed as one of the finest Cabernet Franc Icewines in Ontario.
  Chardonnay VQA
Like our reserve Chardonnay was barrel fermented and aged. (18 months). With tones of vanilla and citrus, this minerally crisp wine is recommended for cellaring.
  Livia's Gold VQA
A Crown Bench innovation in the style of Sauterne, an early harvest Botrytis Affected Chardonnay. This wine captures the ultimate richness of a berry-by-berry selected harvest. Clean and floral, with a hint of dry honey. Lots of flavours at work, from orange to kumquat, peach and citrus marmalade. The natural acidity carries the weight of this wine. This wine pairs perfectly with Chinese cuisine, cream soups, any rich pastry, it is especially delectable with foie gras, or alone as an ultimate dessert wine. (Intervin Gold Medal, All Canadian Gold and Silver Medal, Air Ontario Silver, International Gold Medal,International Wine and Spirit (England) Gold Medal, Chardonnay du Monde (Paris) Gold Medal)
  Merlot Vintner's Reserve VQA
The more feminine of the Bordeaux, this wine true to its gender is an iron fist in a velvet glove. The nose has a mineral/plum introduction followed by blackberry, licorice and black pepper finish. (Intervin Bronze Medal)
  Pinot Noir
Our 2001 Pinot Noir has been worth wafting for. Barrel aged 24 months, it is drinking well now. Only 15 cases left.
  Pinot Noir VQA
Classic Burgundy dominated by sweet-tart cherries, with a suggestion of strawberry and countryside. This wine has been receiving some rave reviews. Unfortunately it is only available in limited quantities. We have a limited amount available for 2000, we are taking advance reservations -2 bottle limit. (Silver Medal, Toronto)
  Summertime Red
Those of you waiting for an off dry red, we have it. Fragrant, fruity and nicely balanced, this wine will pair well with hot and cold food or just by itself. Chill well and enjoy.
  Summertime White
For those who like a little sweetness we have just the wine for you. This summer sipper if full of citrus and melon with the right acidity to make it a perfect companion to food, fun and friends. Serve chilled with summer food.
  Vidal Ice Wine VQA
This Icewine is yellow gold in colour. The aroma suggests baked apple, apricot and lemon meringue. Sweet, ripe, quite honeyed fruit that is just balanced out by good acid. Elegant and full-bodied lingering finish. Available at Vintages - Limited quantities ( Gold Medal-Canada, International Silver Medal)
  Vintners Reserve Cabernet Franc VQA
The last Vintage of the Old Millennium is spectacular. Our Vintners Reserve Cabernet Franc gives testimony to this. Cherry to the nose and palate followed by plum and mint and just a hint of raspberry. All this on a palate of cigar box. Barrel aged 18 months in oak. (All Canadian Gold, Intervin Gold, International Gold, Air Ontario Bronze.)
  Vintner's Reserve Cabernet Franc VQA
Our 2001 Cabernet Franc promises to be an outstanding vintage. Rich ruby red in color, cherry to the nose and palate, followed by plum, mint with just a hint of raspberry. A reduced crop, old vines and barrel ageing in oak for 24 months, really rounds out the flavour. Recommended for cellaring. All Canadian Gold Medal
  Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay VQA
Selected from our Chardonnay block as our optimum grapes at harvest. This wine was fermented and aged in new oak. A strong acid backbone and the contributions of the barrel tannins support the texture and weight of this Chardonnay. The nose is dominated by the vanilla character of the barrel with just a hint of apple, roasted hazelnut and pineapple impressions. (International Gold Medal, All Canadian Gold Medal, Ranked 6th at the Chardonnay du Monde, France)
  Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay VQA
The 2001 Vintage is spectacular, Our winemaker (Peter) says it's one of the best Chardonnays that he has ever made. Our old vines, reduced crop, Chardonnay was barrel fermented and aged (twenty four months) in oak. Buttered toast and tropical fruit round out the strong acidic backbone. A long, lingering finish. Gold medal. Voted Best in Ontario.
  Vintners Reserve Merlot VQA
Crown Bench Estates Reserve Merlot is crafted from a reduced crop, grown on old vines. The fragrance suggests a subtleness that the taste delivers, on the back of sweet vanilla and smoke. A long finish with a hint of black cherry, black pepper and cedar. 24 months in barrel. Cellaring recommended. (Gold medal)
  Vintners Select Icewine VQA
Made from specially selected Icewine juices squeezed on the coldest night, this Icewine is deep golden amber with honeyed hue. The nose is layered with rich fruits of dried apricots, figs, butterscotch and raisin. On the palate, dense weight and excellent length and finish. Everything you would expect from a well-finished Icewine. (Gold Medal winner International and Canadian Wine Awards, Honourable Mention Vinitaly)
  Vintner's Select Icewine VQA
We are tempted to call this March-break Icewine. Harvested in March 2003 (Mother Nature seems to have skipped winter that year). The flavours of peach and apple round out the pronounced acid backbone, the smooth, clean finish makes this a classic Icewine. International Gold Medal.
  Vintner's Select Vidal Icewine VQA
Harvested on one of the coldest nights in the winter of 2001, this Icewine is resplendent with a concentrated apricot flavours. It is smooth and heavy with lots of glycerines and botrytis. This Icewine has a balanced clean finish. International Gold Medal.


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