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McGavick Nanstad Winery

McGavick Nanstad Winery We became a bonded winery the summer of 2000 with the goal to make small lots of hand-crafted, premium red wines made exclusively from Bordeaux varietals. Our wine making practices are very low-tech and labor intensive. The grapes are block selected from mature vines, harvested at optimal sugar and acid levels, and hand-picked not machine harvested. We use small open-top vats and punch-down every four hours allowing us to closely monitor and control the fermentation and skin contact time. Using a basket press, we press the wine slowly to avoid extracting any harsh flavors or excess tannins. During the winemaking process, we minimize the use of chemicals and pump only when absolutely necessary so as to maintain the true character and nature of the grape. Our goal is to consistantly produce wines delivering the kind of finesse and subtle complexities one would expect to taste in expensive premium wines from artesan wineries using only hand-crafted, labor-intensive winemaking techniques.


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171 Okonek Road, Grapeview, WA, US, Email:
Phone: 360-271-5636 Web:
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  Yakima Valley Cabernet Franc
The 2002 Cabernet Franc is an excellent dinner wine, subtle tannins and oak, yet soft in the mouth.
  Yakima Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
The 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon is a world-class wine, slightly tannic, with excellent finish. This wine will cellar well.
  Yakima Valley Merlot
The 2002 Merlot is a wonderful wine, slightly acidic, with subtle oak and lots of fruit.


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