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Rutherford Hill Winery

Rutherford Hill Winery Nestled high in the eastern hills, Rutherford Hill Winery commands a spectacular view of Napa Valley's Rutherford Bench. From a handful of the most select Napa vineyards Rutherford Hill continues its tradition of crafting legendary wines. In 1976, while the world was just beginning to notice the Napa Valley, the founders of Rutherford Hill recognized a unique opportunity. They believed that the Valley's climate and soil, similar to Pomerol, were well suited to Merlot and were among the first to pioneer what has become one of Napa's premier varietals. The Terlato Wine Group (TWG) began their association with the winery as Rutherford Hill's Illinois distributor. After four years of handling Rutherford Hill's fine wines Paterno Wines International, a Terlato Wine Group company, became the winery's U.S. marketer. In 1996 the partnership that owned Rutherford Hill decided to sell. The Terlato family purchased the winery and seized the opportunity to continue and improve a Napa Valley brand synonymous with quality and excellence. The Terlato family, owners of Paterno Wines International, has been associated with many of the world's greatest wines and the world's most influential winemakers and producers. This involvement has provided them with unique insight to an array of winemaking styles, soils and grapes. The purchase of Rutherford Hill provided an opportunity to apply their love of wine, their commitment to quality and extensive industry knowledge to the creation of wines that express their own vision. Rutherford Hill has closed the circle for the Terlato family, adding production to their decades of experience in retailing, distributing, sales and marketing, giving them a scope unmatched in the wine industry. The Terlato's influence on the winery was immediate. Working closely with their winemakers, the family chose to eliminate 14,000 cases of wine from their first blend. This sacrifice ensured the 1995 vintage of Rutherford Hill Napa Valley Merlot reflected the core philosophy of the family - always place quality first.

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge: 1. Take Hwy. 101 North 2. Exit on Hwy. 37 at Novato 3. Follow Hwy. 37 to Hwy. 121, follow the signs to Napa 4. Veer to the right at Hwy. 12 and follow to Hwy. 29 5. Turn left onto Hwy. 29 and head northbound for approx. 17 miles 6. Turn right onto the Rutherford Crossroad (Hwy. 128) for 2.8 miles; stay to the left at the fork 7. Turn left onto the Silverado Trail and continue north for only a 1/10 mile 8. Turn right on Rutherford Hill Road and continue for 1/2 mile. The winery is located at 200 Rutherford Hill Road, 100 yards above Auberge du Soleil. San Francisco - Bay Bridge: 1. Take Hwy. 101 North to I-80 2. Exit at Napa/Hwy. 37 and follow for three miles to Hwy. 29 3. Turn right onto Hwy. 29 and follow northbound for approx. 26 miles 4. Turn right onto the Rutherford Crossroad (Hwy. 128) for 2.8 miles; stay to the left at the fork 5. Turn left onto the Silverado Trail and continue north for only a 1/10 mile 6. Turn right on Rutherford Hill Road and continue for 1/2 mile. The winery is located at 200 Rutherford Hill Road, 100 yards above Auberge du Soleil.

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200 Rutherford Hill Road, Rutherford, CA, US, 94573 Email:
Phone: 800-637-5681 Web:
Fax: 707-963-1878
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  Cabernet Franc
The core of this wine is from granitic non-soil mountainside vineyards which impart their laser beam intensity to this wine. Maintaining a proper crop level throughout the growing season enabled the vines to survive the harvest Indian summer and gain the added “hang time” needed for full tannin ripeness. Some cool climate Carneros Merlot was blended in to further enhance the suppleness of the tannins. The resulting wine is brimming with black cherries and chocolate. The concentrated fruit is augmented by a symphony of other aromatic notes including cedar, roasted coffee, clove, cinnamon, tobacco leaf, butter, and a light whiff of black pepper. This Cab Franc also has a full supple mid palate yet with enough acid to enable the bright fruit to dance on your tongue from sip to swallow. This is a delicious Cab Franc, please enjoy.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
A bright, concentrated blackberry and cassis fruit core enveloped in aromas and flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla, French roast coffee, clove, bacon, and cedar. This wine fills the palate with both flavor and texture. The fruit flavor lingers after you swallow, and slowly melts into the elegant layers of flavor provided by the finest French oak barrels. The abundant, mature tannins are rich, yet also balanced with fruit, making this wine enjoyable now, but ensuring this vintage will drink well for over a decade. I am awed at this wine’s ability to so clearly capture the essence of Napa Valley Cabernet. Enjoy!
  Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
A wonderfully voluptuous Cabernet primarily from a rocky knoll top vineyard. The superb drainage and wonderfully water stressed vines produce amazingly small berries. This higher proportion of skin to fermenting juice volume produces both the power and incredible richness of this wine. Wild raspberry and black berries are wreathed in aromas and flavors of California Bay Leaf, clove, and cigar box. The flavors are everything a Cab should be and the ripe full silky tannins produce a supple volume and finish that must be experienced to be appreciated. Despite an additional year of bottle age prior to release this wine has many layers yet to unveil. Enjoy this wine when you have the time to linger with the wine, your meal, and your guests.
This Chardonnay has wonderful fruit aromas of apricot, pear, pineapple and honeydew melon accented with hints of honey and pear blossom. This crisp, delicate wine imparts flavors of honey, pineapple, lemon and a mid-palate that is bright and elegant. The wonderful fruit flavors and acidity make this wine versatile for any meal. It is a nice accompaniment with your favorite cheese, pasta, poultry or seafood dish. Enjoy!
EPISODE is a handcrafted wine with a final production in 2001 of less than 400 cases. It is an authentic expression of Napa Valley - the best wine made with the best fruit from the best vineyards. In the years to come, as in 2001, we will only bottle EPISODE if we produce a truly exceptional wine – quality will determine the decision.
  Laroche Chardonnay
This is wine made to emphasize elegance, longevity, and a refreshing tingling tartness. This wine is full of crisp delicate flavors of lemon, apricot, honeysuckle, and flint. The natural acidity of this wine dances across the palate. The wine shows a minerality commonly noted in Grand Cru Chablis. An elegant wine that will age for years. The crisp fruit of this wine allows it to pair well with a wide range of foods including shellfish, fish, chicken, salads, and light pasta dishes.
Our third bottling of Napa Valley Malbec captures all the greatness of this little known Bordeaux varietal. The Malbec vine typically overcrops itself, but our mountainside vineyard source produces only a moderate crop. Proper crop management intensifies the grape’s flavors and enables complete maturity. The 2002 Malbec has an inky, deep garnet color that introduces the spectacular flavors that will soon be experienced. Ripe black cherries and jam aromas dominate the wine initial aromatic impression. These characters are followed by integrated tones of vanilla, smoke, tobacco and subtle anise. The mouth explodes with unexpected forward, bright, crisp flavors of cherries and berries amid the round, supple tannins characteristic of this mysterious Bordeaux variety. This elegant wine will have you yearning for more! Enjoy!
Everything that Merlot can and should be; dense blackberries and cherries, rich, silky, spicy, and supple from start to lingering finish. The dense core of fruit will radiate concentrated fruit flavors for more than a decade, yet the supple tannins and balance make it unlikely you’ll be able to keep from drinking it before then. This wine is so delicious that the best description is, “Wow!”
  Merlot Reserve
Like black cherries wrapped in Belgian dark chocolate, this Merlot is all about lush elegance. We blended this wine from our 40 best barrels to create a true Reserve Merlot. 2001 was a great vintage in Napa Valley and allowed the fruit to ripen fully and evenly, providing abundant structure and balance, with a rich, dark, jammy fruit intensity. Inky red hues, aromas of black currants, spicy smoke, espresso and cinnamon sticks introduce flavors of ripe juicy blackberries, cherries, clove, nutmeg, and chocolate. Balance and harmony are key to the dance of lively fruit and substantial yet rounded tannins which ensure that this wine will age gracefully in bottle and delightfully unfold in the glass for many satisfying years.
  Petit Verdot
A native grape of the great region of Bordeaux, France, Petite Verdot is one of the rarest and least planted wine grapes in California. Typically used as a blending component to lend color and tannins in wine, Rutherford Hill offers Petite Verdot as a varietal wine. We strategically manage the tannin profile to yield a garnet colored wine that possesses great character and structure. Aromas of blueberries and ripe black berries are complimented by rich, bold tannins yielding a full-bodied wine capable of aging 10 to 15 years
  Rosé of Merlot
The initial success of our innovative Rosé of Merlot program is continued with this 2004 bottling. True to the style we defined with the first release, this wine offers aromas of cranberry, strawberry, lavender, honeysuckle, and vanilla. The flavors are brisk and reminiscent of fresh strawberries, raspberries and plums. Barrel fermentation adds a hint of vanilla. Sur lie aging enhanced the natural richness of merlot without sacrificing the acidity. The lively acidity makes the wine a graceful match to an array of foods. Tote it to picnics, enjoy it on your front porch, pair it with cheese, pasta, chicken- the possibilities are endless!
Our 2002 Napa Valley Sangiovese rivals the finest Italian Chianti in depth, power and complexity. Napa Valley flavor characteristics shine with bold concentrated black cherries, blueberry and crème cassis. The full ripeness and extremely small berries provided by the 2002 vintage resulted in the wonderful color, silky supple tannins and density of flavors that will enable this wine to age gracefully for 5 to 10 years. The intense fruit is balanced with waves of white pepper, vanilla, nutmeg, roasted walnuts, and a honeyed smoky cedar aroma that is difficult to describe. With decantation or time in the glass this wine unfurls to reveal enchanting wisps of pear blossom and lavender. The richness of this wine is not at the expense of the acid balance which enlivens the fruit, complements meals and increases the wine’s ageability.
  Sauvignon Blanc
Our estate vineyard of Sauvignon Blanc from the new Oak Knoll appellation, near Yountville exemplifies our conviction that balanced vineyards produce balanced wines. Commitment to balance follows the fruit from the vineyard into the winery. Whole cluster pressing to maximize fruit flavors, combination of stainless steel and barrel fermentations along with Sur lie aging increase the mouth fullness/richness while preserving the fruit and acidity. This wine offers aromas of grapefruit, pear, pear blossom, melon, and lemon rind. Flavors of fresh lemons and grapefruit combine with a fresh, bright acidity and a lingering finish. This wine is a perfect match for summer salads, feta or goat cheese, and Spanish tapas.
Our 2002 Syrah is a wonderful expression of ripe dark cherry, currant, leather, fresh clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. The concentrated fruit is always dominant. This fruit is enveloped in creamy vanilla and cedar chest flavors that meld into a lingering chocolate finish. Lively acidity and silky mature tannins leaves you salivating for more and will enable this wine to age gracefully for at least a decade. Fruit, spice, silky fullness, and chocolate – you’ll love this wine.
Syrah is a noble grape variety that can produce some serious, long-lived red wines. Syrah is a hearty vine that is planted around the world. It is grown in the Rhone region of France used in making Hermitage, Cote-Rotie and Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines. Synonyms for this grape are Shiraz in Australia and Hermitage in South Africa. At Rutherford Hill, we produce a Syrah that possesses finesse, balance and complexity. The bouquet is reminiscent of cherries with hints of roasted hazelnuts and spices. The acids, tannins and flavors of this wine exist in harmony to create depth and a smooth finish. This is a very popular
  Winemaker's Blend
We made our first vintage of “Winemakers Blend” from the 2000 vintage. Our club members enthusiastically received this small production, unique wine. We are delighted to continue the program and offer this new vintage. Similar to the inaugural 2000 bottling, the best attributes of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon harmonize into a flavorful wine that boasts both elegant suppleness and age worthiness. Winemaker’s Blend bursts with aromas of ripe black cherries, blackberries, currant, nutmeg, vanilla bean, black licorice and espresso with hints of cedar, clove and Herbs de Provence. Enjoy this rare and elegant wine with enjoyable food and company!
  Zinfandel Port
Some people think Port is for old British geezers sitting in overstuffed chairs in wood-paneled men’s clubs and reminiscing about the Empire... not ours. This is more like Zinfandel in overdrive, full of fruit and power and ready to rock! The exceptional Zinfandel fruit used for this wine is also used to make the distinguished Germain-Robin brandy which is added to the Port to fortify the wine. It is produced from 100% Rutherford Hill Zinfandel from the Napa Valley. One taste of our Zinfandel Port can shift your gears from weekday to weekend: Good-bye stress, hello celebration!


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