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Heritage Wine Cellars

Heritage Wine Cellars At Heritage you can taste anything from a traditional American Niagara, Concord or Catawba, to a European Chardonnay or Cabernet. We also offer a wide variety of specialty wines such as Peach, Elderberry or our famous Almonderia. The Bostwicks employ old-fashioned care to make certain the wines retain all of the natural character of the fruity, full-bodied American grapes. They also offer complex hybrid varieties to meet any connoisseur’s taste.


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12162 East Main Road, North East, PA, US, 16428 Email:
Phone: 800-747-0083 Web:
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Almond desert wine. Serve chilled.
Sweet and fruity with a bold blueberry character. Serve chilled.
Semi-dry blend with a Zinfandel character. Serve Chilled or Room Temp.
  Bubbling Catawba
  Bubbling Niagara
Dry hybrid blend in a Bordeaux style. Serve Room Temp.
  Bursting Blueberry
  Cabernet Franc
Full bodied with aggressive oak. Serve Room Temp.
  Cabernet Sauvignon
European style, with distinct mouth feel and mild oak finish. Serve Room Temp.
Dry red with medium body & light finish. Serve Room Temp.
  Cold Goose
Sweet, full-bodied fruit flavor - Serve chilled.
  Country Pink
Semi-dry fruity blend. Serve Chilled or Room Temp.
  Dark Cherry
Sweet fruity cherry wine. Served chilled.
  Delilah Rose'
Semi-sweet, delicate blend. Serve Chilled.
  Dutch Apple Spice
Apple wine with cinnamon & clove. Serve heated.
  Dutch Apple Wine
Natural Apple wine. Serve chilled or room temp.
Unique and intense flavor. Serve chilled.
  Flagship Port
100% pure concord port. Serve room temp.
Sweet & robust with a light finish - Serve Chilled.
  Gladwin 113
Unique, crisp & dry German ~ Pennsylvanian cross hybrid. These grapes are grown only on the family farm. We are the only winery in the whole world to make this rare wine!
  Half & Half
Half Concord & Half Niagara. Serve Chilled.
  Holiday Spice
Sweet red wine with cinnamon & clove. Serve heated
Full bodied with a clean finish. Serve Chilled or Room Temp.
  Johnny's Jack Apple Port
100% pure apple port. Full bodied & robust this one you must sip. 18% alcohol. (limited quantity) Serve room temp or chilled.
Ancient oriental combination of current and raspberry. Serve chilled
  Late Harvest Ice Wine
Explosion of fruit flavors. Made from frozen grapes. Serve room temp or chilled.
  Leon Millot
Dry red, medium body Merlot style finish. Serve Room Temp.
Exotic fruit wine. Serve chilled.
  Matt's Mash
Winemaker's secret homebrew. Once made for family & friends. Now for resale by popular demand. 18% alcohol. (limited quantity) Serve room temp or chilled.
Light & delicate with a distinct fruit finish. Serve chilled.
  Peach Fuzz
  Pink Catawba
A semi-sweet wine from a native American grape. Serve Chilled.
  Plum Crazy
  Plum Royal
Robust plum flavor. Serve chilled.
  Private Reserve
Natural berry taste with a tangy finish. Serve chilled.
Red wine & citrus blend. Serve chilled.
  Seyval Blanc
  Solebury Red
Dry wine with a unique fruity flavor. Serve Room Temp.
  Solebury White
Light & crisp with a delightful bouquet. Serve chilled
  Strawberry Fizz
  Sweet Country White
  Very Berry Blackberry
  Vidal Blanc
  White Riesling


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