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Eola Hills Wine Cellars

Eola Hills Wine Cellars Tom Huggins, founder and general manager of Eola Hills, had a dream rooted in facts. He knew that great wines could only come from great vineyards, and through his former occupation as a agricultural insurance expert, he knew where that precious vineyard land was located. This knowledge enabled him to purchase some of the prime sites for his own vineyards in the rolling terrain of the Northwest Willamette Valley of Oregon, and to fulfill a dream of creating his own wine. Situated in a natural weather shadow of the Coast Range, which shunts storms from the Pacific Ocean north to Portland and south below Salem, the Eola Hills vineyards are protected from weather extremes. Yet in summer, a gorge carved by ancient glaciers draws in maritime air to provide ideal cooling for sensitive varietals in those warmer months. In 1986 the first crop was harvested and transformed into wine by a nearby winery. The wine's quality provided ample proof of the vineyards' great potential. Therefore, in 1987, Eola Hills Wine Cellars was constructed at Rickreall, 10 miles west of Salem. This location is central to the vineyard holdings as well as other prime vineyards searched out and placed under contract to Eola Hills. With these extensive holdings, the winery is able to control quality throughout the grape growing and wine making processes. This enables Eola Hills to offer the public consumer friendly wines at irresistible prices. For the most sophisticated palates, the winery also produces in very limited quantity, certain Reserve and Late Harvest bottlings, hand-crafted and extensively aged. Always, however, all wines are created to enhance food and ultimate dining pleasure and so are particularly suited to fine restaurants. The Eola Hills premium varietals are aged in a variety of oak barrels, mostly French, to provide subtle complexity to the wines. Several yeast strains are utilized during fermentation to develop appropriate nuances in the various wines. Such attention to detail is also reflected in the vineyards by the hand removal of leaves around each grape cluster to admit maximum sunlight. Eola Hills also produces a number of private label wines for many prestigious restaurants, resorts, hotels and other clients. These wines are identical to those produced under Eola Hills' own label. "Our name," says Tom Huggins, "is on the label as well as the patron's. Both should reap the reputation of serving the very best."


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  "Applegate Valley" Syrah
Bramble-berries, plums, coffee and toasted oak. This wine is my new favorite in the cellar A wine beyond my immediate description. Smooth, soft, heady, packed with ripe fruit, elegant and statuesque.
  "Mystery Block" Chardonnay
A perennial favorite, our 2002 Wooldridge creek Vyd “Mystery Block” Chardonnay is once again a tremendous wine. A unique position in the vineyard and unknown origins, not to mention its organoleptic prowess in the cellar, combined with winemaking skill, Results in this limited release, top of the line Oregon Chardonnay
  "Wolf Hill" Pinot Noir
Smoked black cherry jam and good bite of French Oak. At bottling this wine shows quite a bit of restraint, with time this wine will open up like a magnolia bud in spring. Big and showy with lots of aroma, Wolf Hill is partly planted to a Burgundian-styled high-density block of Dijon 114 & 115 clone, which contributes to the mouthfeel and concentration of fruit. This is the third crop off Eola Hills’ new Wolf Hill Vineyard.
  Alder Ridge Merlot
Aged in Hungarian Oak for 15 months. This is a huge chewy Merlot with plenty to offer. The nose offers hints of dark chocolate cherries. The palate is long with plenty of dark fruit flavors and a hint of spice on the continuing finish. Silky tannins make it easy to drink this wine now, but it will age nicely. Merlot provides a nice alternative to wine lovers looking for a more approachable, fruitier and softer red wine.
  Applegate Cabernet Sauvignon
Rich dark garnet in color. The nose has hints of plums, prunes, and vanilla spice. The middle is rich with a long chewy finish. The finish has vanilla, and cinnamon toast as well as blackberries. Great structure with plenty of tannins to make this wine age for quite a while.
  Coyote Ridge Oregon Chardonnay
Grapes for Coyote Ridge Chardonnay were selected from vineyards nestled in the Eola Hills. A combination of tank and oak fermented wine join forces to make this a most enjoyable and affordable Chardonnay that will be a welcome addition to any table. This is a fruity wine with pear and ripe melon tasting notes.
  Late Harvest Viognier
Lightly sweet and smooth from the start to finish, this second-time release is a nice stablemate to our award winning Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. The nose is full of apricot, pear, and other tropical fruit.
  Lodi "Old Vine" Zinfandel
Lodi's climate, with its hot sunny days and cool evenings, is ideal for ripening Zinfandel. We imported grapes from 56-year-old freestanding vines at Mohr-Fry Ranches to make this lush, supple wine. After a year's barrel aging it is redolent of summer berries and cinnamon. Serve this wine with beef tenderloin with caramelized onions or grilled portobello mushrooms; homemade hamburger with all the trimmings and slathered with steak sauce.
  Lodi Zinfandel
Rotary-fermented to extract soft rich tannins, this wine was barrel-aged in older American Oak for one year. This rich Zinfandel makes a great companion for roasts, grilled game and turkey. Try it with smoked orange marinated duck with a chanterelles and sage.
  Lodi Zinfandel "Old Vine"
This reveals a beautiful Pinot Noir-like nose along with fragrances of blueberries, cherries, pepper, and earth. In the mouth, it’s a silky, expansive, full-bodied, savory wine with beautifully integrated acidity, wood, alcohol, and tannin. Soft tannins add to the luscious texture of this delightful wine. These compact berries produce wines that explode on impact in the mouth, with layers of blackberries, cassis and liquorice. Subtle hints of spicy oak and pipe tobacco create structure, allowing this wine to stand up to a variety of fare.
  Marechal Foch
Soft and richly aromatic, reminiscent of a ripe blackberry bramble on a hot summers day. This wine seems well suited to me to accompany those dishes that also compliment fine Italian Chianti. Suggestion of dropping the temperature a few degrees below room temperature will provide a pleasant surprise.
  Oak Grove Chardonnay
Grown at our sister vineyard, Oak Grove grapes are fermented & aged in 100% American Oak barrels until the perfect amount of toast is acquired. Heavy toast, vanilla and coconut aroma's. Enjoy this wine chilled on the deck with light hors d'oeuvre's or with a creamy dish of pasta and wild mushrooms.
  Oregon "Wolf Hill" Pinot Noir
Very dark and intensely flavored, this wine fairly bursts with aromas and flavors of black cherry and smoke. Part of the vineyard is planted to Burgundian-styled high density block of Dijon clones 114 & 115, which contributes to the mouthfeel and concentration of fruit.
  Oregon Cabernet Sauvignon
Tannic, intense Willamette Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was blended with softer Southern Oregon Grapes, aged a year and a half in American Oak and bottled unfiltered, makes this a fine wine. Our Cabernet Sauvignon is redolent with the scent of blackberries, smoke and toast. Rich tannins and bold flavors ensure the wine will age well in the cellar.
  Oregon Chardonnay
The tropical fruits and pear flavors of this Chardonnay coupled with a subtle crisp finish make this a surprisingly diverse wine. Enjoy this Chardonnay with grilled or lightly smoked fish or poultry.
  Oregon Merlot
Selected grapes grown in the Applegate Valley produced this high quality Bordeaux blend. Rich, smoky plum characteristics on the nose yield to cherry, cassis and barrel elements on the palate. A mouth filling wine well suited for tossed green salad with Blue Chevre (goat) cheese and cherry tomatoes.
  Oregon Pinot Gris
Nice refreshing citrus nose. Kind of "spritzy" at first. Bright fruit flavors of Barlett Pears, Fuji Apples, and a hint of Orange Peel. The finish is clean & crisp with a continuing citrus flavor.
  Oregon Pinot Noir
Young, fruit forward Pinot Noir with just enough spice on the finish! This wine can be served with many food items because of its balance. This blend of Pinot Noir is from grapes sourced from our vineyards in the Wimamette Valley as well as man other vineyards throughout Oregon.
  Oregon Sauvignon Blanc
Stainless steel fermented to retain the freshness and character of SB. Fruit quality and yeast selection combine to create a soft appealing SB that is not overly aggressive. An off-dry taste, with a nose of lemon-peel. Enjoy with raw or smoked oysters, chilled crab or scallops. Also try this Wine with light Asian appetizers such as potstickers or spring rolls.
  Raspberry "Vin d' Ete"
Ripe Oregon raspberries are crushed and then inoculated. During fermentation, spirits are added to stop the fermentation much like the process of Port. This results in a wine which is simply the essence of raspberries. It smells and tastes like the fruit, but with the warm richness of a port. Enjoy with a chocolate dessert, over cheesecake, or a bowl of French vanilla ice cream.
  Reserve "LaCreole" Chardonnay
LaCreole is a blend of Chardonnay, made from grapes sourced from vineyards throughout the state. Its deep body, creamy texture, & thick finish make this wine stand out from the others.
  Reserve "Wolf Hill Dijon Clone" Chardonnay
Wolf Hill vineyard, truly our estate vineyard located in the Eola Hills, has shown it's potential with the pinot noir and has come of age with the chardonnay. The vineyard has been certified L.I.V.E*. Low input sustainable agriculture in the vineyard with a minimum of chemical input, relying more on biodiversity and mechanical practices.
  Reserve "Wolf Hill" Pinot Noir
Smoked black cherry jam and good bite of French Oak. At bottling this wine shows quite a bit of restraint, with time this wine will open up like a magnolia bud in spring. Big and showy with lots of aroma, Wolf Hill is partly planted to a Burgundian-styled high-density block of Dijon 114 & 115 clone, which contributes to the mouthfeel and concentration of fruit. This is the third crop off Eola Hills’ new Wolf Hill Vineyard.
  Reserve Lodi Sangiovese
The nose has hints of earth, mushroom, light berry and a touch of jam. Flavors include cranberries, shittake mushrooms and a hint of creamyness on the finish. Very smooth with medium tannins. This wine is tasting simply DELICIOUS. So many people come the tasting room and walk home with at least a few bottles.


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