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City Brewery Irwindale Brew Yard

City Brewery Irwindale Brew Yard Irwindale Brew Yard is the newest addition to the City Brewery family as of April, 2021. Once fully operational, Irwindale Brew Yard (IBY) will become the largest full-service, low-alcohol beverage contract production facility in the western United States offering hard seltzers, traditional flavored malt beverages, mainstream and craft beer, premium non-alcoholic drinks and spirit based ready-to-drink beverages in a broad variety of primary and secondary packages.


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15801 W 1st Street, Irwindale, CA, US, 91706 Email:
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  Alicante Bouschet, Lodi
Aged in American Oak tanks, the 2001 AB is an intense, inky and concentrated wine highlighted by wild blackberries. Best Varietal of Region, State Fair, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals, State, Eldorado, SF Bay and L.A. competitions.
  Alicante Bouschet, Lodi
A deep concentrated red wine with rich black cherry and pomegranate flavors and aromas nicely balanced with oak and char flavors from aging in small barrels.
  Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, Hog Canyon Vineyards
The finest Cab to date from this vineyard. Fruit reduction has concentrated the black cherry and pepper flavors. Ample tannins for aging.
  Cabernet Sauvignon, San Francisco Bay
Smoky-peppery, cherry flavors and aromas in this Estate Cab complimented with French oak and a hint of mint. Silver-S.F. Bay.
  California Champagne
Brut (Charmat). The aroma is fresh pears with Toasty French oak flavors. This well-balanced wine has a tart acidity, wonderful green apple flavors and the lasting creamy mouth feel of a Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc blend. May be special-labeled in small or large quantities.
2002 Dry Creek. One hundred percent barrel fermentation adds an oak dimension to this rich chard which is dominated by tropical fruit/pineapple flavors and aromas.
  Chenin Blanc
2003 Monterey. Wonderful fresh pear aromas are the showcase of this fruity, crisp and well-balanced chenin blanc. A delightful summer-time wine, its off-dry style pairs well with cheeses. Last year's was a Best of Show and this one is every bit as good. It should do well in the competitions.
  Chouinard Red Wine
Our latest red table wine is a blend of Zin and Cabernet Sauvignon with light strawberry flavors and subtle toast and oak flavors from aging in small American Oak barrels. Silver-L.A., Bronze-S.F. Bay, Bronze-State, Bronze-Eldorado.
2001 Monterey. Spicy and fruity, this wonderful food wine is made in a light off-dry style. Try it with Thai or other spicy Asian dishes or your favorite chicken recipes. Silver-L.A. and S F. Bay.
  Granny Smith Apple Wine
Hog Canyon Orchard. Made from 100% Granny Smith Apples, This off-dry table wine captures the crispness of this delicious green apple. Incredible with pork dishes, cheeses or turkey. Silver-L.A.
  Orange Muscat, Paso Robles
Joan’s Vineyard. This lightly sweet dessert wine has fresh muscat flavors nicely balanced with citrus and zest. The orange blossom aromas bring spring to mind.
  Orange Muscat, Paso Robles, Joan’s Vineyard
Produced by using a modified ice wine method, the flavors and sugars of the grape have been concentrated and the resulting wine is a sweet essence of this delightful variety. Best of Show and Gold Medal, SF Bay. Wine Enthusiast rated 93 and Best Buy.
  Petite Sirah, Paso Robles
A long, warm growing season produced an extremely rich ruby-colored wine, with cherry-plum fruit flavors and a lingering finish.
  Petite Sirah, San Francisco Bay, Gustavino Vineyard
A well-balanced PS that combines fresh and intense fruit flavors with subtle mint and coffee complexities.
  White Riesling
2003 Monterey. White peaches with a hint of apricot--a truly exceptional white. One sip of this fruity, crisp Riesling says Summertime.
  Zinfandel Port, Old Vine, Lodi
Mohr-Fry Ranches. A ruby port with the ripe flavors of raspberry and plum and light French oak. The 100 year old zinfandel vineyard was harvested late to produce a port of extremely long finish and excellent aging capacity.
  Zinfandel, Lodi, Old Vine
Year after year, this 100 year old vineyard from Mohr-Fry Ranches produces a ripe, concentrated wine with strawberry aromas and sweet jammy flavors.


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