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Sky River Meadery

Sky River Meadery The Sky River Meadery is nestled in the rugged foothills of Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountain Range. Our stunning landscape has been inspirational in the development of our meadery ( the gray ~ green of our logo is the color of Sky River itself ) while our association with Pure Foods Inc. provides us with the finest honey available. Mead... the sacred drink of men and gods alike, brewed from honey believed to have descended from the Heavens as dew then gathered in by bees. Folklore tells us that Mead was thought to bestow health and strength, wit and poetry, and to impart virility and long life to those who partook of its fragrant essence. From the distant cultures of ancient Europe, shrouded in mist, Sky River brings the age-old art of making mead into the twenty-first century to create a new tradition.

Follow Interstate Highway 2 east out of Everett. Proceed east on Highway 2 past Snohomish and through Monroe to Sultan. Go through Sultan, to the far end of town. As you approach the east end of Sultan you will go up a slight grade and pass a small Park and Ride on the right hand side of the road. Just after this you will come to the intersection of Highway 2 and Cascade View Drive. Turn right onto Cascade View Drive, and follow it approximately ¼ mile as it bends to the left. Sky River Brewing is located 32533 Cascade View Drive at the Pure Foods, Inc. facility.

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32533 Cascade View Drive, Sultan, WA, US, 98294 Email:
Phone: 360-793-6761 Web:
Fax: 360-793-2485
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  Sky River Dry Mead
Sky River Dry Mead - for those who enjoy life’s great subtleties. The gently honeyed nose of Sky River Dry Mead accompanies an elusive fruitiness. Served well-chilled, Sky River Dry Mead generously complements the extraordinary flavors of curry, ginger and sesame found from Thailand to India. We also recommend pairing all of the Sky River Meads with your favorite seafood dish.
  Sky River Semi-Sweet Mead
Sky River Semi-Sweet Mead, although drier, enjoys a similar depth and character to the Sweet Mead. With hints of pear and a crisper finish Sky River Semi-Sweet Mead, served well-chilled, delicately offsets the exotic notes of sesame and ginger in Pan-Asian cuisine, and the rich herbal textures of the Mediterranean.
  Sky River Sweet Mead
Sky River Sweet Mead enjoys a lingering full honey body. The intricate notes of the flowers and fruits that prelude the making of the honey are richly represented. Reminiscent of a fine German Riesling. Many enjoy Sky River Sweet Mead as a delicate aperitif, or dessert wine. And, in the long cold months of winter, Sweet Mead is a genuine indulgence, warmed, with perhaps a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg or cardamon


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