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White Winter Winery & Distillery

White Winter Winery & Distillery White Winter Winery specializes in making Mead, the world's oldest fermented beverage. Mead comes in many different styles from dry and robust to sweet and refreshing. Mead was used as an everyday drink to celebrate life and for special occasions, in fact, the "Honeymoon" tradition derived from giving the newlywed couple a "moon's" supply of Mead to ensure a fruitful union.

White Winter Winery is located on Hwy 2 on the west side of Iron River, a beautiful north woods town.

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68323 Lea Street, Iron River, WI, US, 54847 Email:
Phone: 800-697-2006 Web:
Fax: 715-372-5689
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  Black Mead
**Soft, Yet Not Subtle Dry Red** Enjoy with Steak, Cajun or a stand-alone drink. If you like Cabernet, Burgundy or Merlot; try this hearty drink.
  Blueberry Mead
Fresh blueberry flavor for dessert or a stand-alone drink.
**Winner** Gold, 2004 International Mead Festival **Semi-Sweet Apple** Wonderful chilled as a dessert or warmed and spiced for a festive flavor. Eastern International Wine Competition 2003
  Dry Mead
**Dry Honey Wine**Hint of lemon/lime enhances chicken or fish. Dryness of a Chardonnay with a light honey finish. Eastern International Wine Competition 2000 Dry Mead - Bronze Medal
  Raspberry Mead
Try with chocolate for a decadent taste delight!
  Strawberry Mead
A lighter fare compliments this lighter wine. Comparable to White Zinfandel with a fresh strawberry appeal.
  Sweet Mead
**Winner** 2005 Gold and Best in Show, New World International Wine Competition **Refreshing Sweet Honey** A “Honeymoon Tradition”! Enjoy with a loved one! Refreshing over ice. Eastern International Wine Competition 2003 Sweet mead - Silver Medal


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