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2000 Pentimento

2000 Pentimento Wine Details
Price: $26.00 per bottle

Description: Mouth watering raspberries & black cherries, layered with the scent of dried aromatic herbs, & the shimmering ghost of smoky Lapsang Souchong tea. Sure, there is also a concentration of slow roasted coffee sprinkled with shavings of chocolate, deep & long, with a pleasingly piquant bite of black pepper. So, what’s in the blend? Not gonna tell, except to say that pentimentoin art refers to the mysterious reappearance on canvas, sometimes years later, of images which have been painted over. In the blending of diverse wines, pentimento refers to the curious attempt by each of the various blended wines to make itself individually known, to try to sneak out of your glass & dance its own peculiar dance upon your tongue. When the various wine elements in a blend are in balance, they must of needs dance together harmoniously, when not in balance there is screaming chaos & slam dancing. One hopes for occasional islands of harmonyin a world aswirl with chaos. Grapes: All West Side Paso Robles vineyards. Ageability: more or less a long, long time.


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