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Chenin Blanc "Pavanne" 2002

Chenin Blanc "Pavanne" 2002 Wine Details
Price: $20.00 per bottle

Description: Sourced from the "Old Bailey Vineyard", this tiny 2 acre section lies on a steep hillside at 1700 ft elevation, contiguous to our own HMR Estate on the west side of Paso Robles. Popular with the local deer community, there has not been a usable crop available since 1998. Now fenced, the gnarled 30 year old vines are dry farmed and produce low yields of small sized, concentrated grapes. Named Pavanne for a stately court dance performed in ceremonial costume in 16th century Europe, this 2002 Chenin Blanc is the last vintage from this extraordinary vineyard. An exotic melon and acacia blossom bouquet leads to a mouthfilling, weighty palate. Flint and mineral accents weave a streak into the rich lemon tart flavors while the brisk clean and persistent finish harkens to its French Loire pedigree. Definitely not your mother's Chenin Blanc.

Varietal Definition
Chenin Blanc:
Classic white varietal of France's Loire Valley and now grown throughout the world. Known for its rather unusual 'wet-wool', 'damp straw' aromas, it tends to be more floral than fruity when young and gives high acidity, growing well in marginal climates. It ages well and its susceptibility to 'botrytis'* produces some of the great sweet wines of the Loire, for example Quarts de Chaume and Vouvray. It is grown widely in South Africa where it is known as 'Steen'.


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