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2009 Estate Syrah - Organic

2009 Estate Syrah - Organic Wine Details
Price: $32.00 per bottle

Description: Deerfield’s Estate Syrah has a nose that is more elevated than most Syrahs. It has less earth and more berry aromatics. Uniquely Deerfield, as these organic vineyards grow beside the Kenwood wetlands. Robert says this terroir, with its high water table and lush surroundings that stay green all year, is reflected in the wine. The flavors explode across the palate – side-to-side, top to bottom, one after the other, different and distinct nuances strung together seamlessly. The finish lingers on the front of the palate as well as the back. This Deerfield Estate Syrah will make you a Syrah lover. It’s the perfect BBQ wine.


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