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2007 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Franc

2007 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Franc Reserve Wine Details
Price: $65.00 per bottle

Description: This is our first ever bottling of a Cabernet Franc. While we’ve made Cab Franc for years to use in our red blends, we’ve never made enough of it to bottle it separately. We just couldn’t resist with this 07 blend. Los Chamizal and Rancho Salina grow perhaps the best mountain Cabernet Franc in Sonoma County. We added just a little Cabernet to give it an even longer finish. It’s big and bold and delicious. Cabernet Franc focuses its flavor in the top of your palate, in your nose and nasal cavity. This is where you experience the best chocolate flavors and so Cabernet Franc tastes a lot like chocolate. Honest, we didn’t add any.


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