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2006 Los Chamizal Cabernet Sauvignon

2006 Los Chamizal Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Wine Details
Price: $65.00 per bottle

Description: Deerfield has been making the Los Chamizal Cabernets from Peter Haywood's vineyard in the Sonoma Valley since 2003. Robert and Peter walked the vineyard, selecting specific rows of vines used in the making of the blend. In Sonoma Valley we like to say that here, The Roots Run Deep. There's no better example of the connection to the land then the teamwork of Peter and Robert in crafting this wine. Terroir is on full display in this appellation designated, row select, extended barrel aged Reserve Cabernet. It has all the characteristics of a Bordeaux blend with an emphansis on the Cabernet. Ths 2006 Los Chamizal Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is symphony, with long lingering notes hanging on the palate. Whe we BBQ steaks or roast a rack of lamb, this wine appears at the table.


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