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2009 Red Rex

2009 Red Rex Wine Details
Price: $32.00 per bottle

Description: Winemaking is 60% cooking. Cooking is about taste. Taste has no rules. Red Rex is this philosophy personifi­ed. It’s an outside the box, do-what-tastes-best blend. It’s winemakers deep in the cave, sampling wine, sharing ideas and being creative. It’s evolution. We made over 140 separate batches of wine in 2009 from twenty eight different vineyards in Sonoma County. Each was unique, each with its own personality. The blend is constructed by taste. Each varietal focusing on a particular part of the palate. The blend will vary from vintage to vintage but the style and character remain the same. Cabernet Sauvignon forms the broad structured backbone down the middle of the palate. Syrah takes the flavors to the bottom of the palate, grounded and rich. Merlot adds a round oral nuance and pushes the flavors forward. Cabernet Franc adds a chocolate effect, lifting, sensual and heady. Malbec ­fills in the bottom back of the palate and adds a blackberry taste. Petit Verdot adds a bit of spice on the sides of the palate and Zinfandel enhances the mid-palate flavors, mouth feel and berry flavors. The result is a symphony of taste, music in a bottle, with not a note out of place. Red Rex is fruit forward, mouth fi­lling, smooth and delicious. The wine is made cleanly from hand-picked and triple hand-sorted fruit using organic production methods. Deerfield wines are low in histamines, which can cause red wine headaches. They have no reactive sufil­te when released, meaning no allergic reactions. The 2009 Red Rex was aged almost four years in French and American oak barrels, longer than other California red wine. Long barrel aging makes it smooth and even more complex. The 2009 Vintage produced wines with great structure and this 2009 Red Rex will continue to improve with age for many years.


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