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Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin

Catoctin Creek Watershed Gin Wine Details

Description: Paying respect to the Chesapeake Bay watershed, in which our beloved Catoctin Creek does flow, this gin is a bit of a watershed itself. Distilled from organic rye grain, with a secret recipe of organic herbs and spices, Watershed Gin is unlike any gin you've tried. Amazingly complex, with subtle citrus and cinnamon notes, essences of fresh cut hay, and of course a crisp juniper character make Watershed gin a fine cocktail mixer. Try it with the traditional tonic and a slice of lime (or a Meyer Lemon, for a real treat!). Or mix it into your favorite summertime refreshers.

Varietal Definition
Gin is a spirit flavoured with juniper berries. Distilled gin is made by redistilling white grain spirit and raw cane sugar which has been flavoured with juniper berries. Compound gin is made by flavouring neutral grain spirit with juniper berries without redistilling and can be considered a flavoured vodka.


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