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Sweet Melissa

Sweet Melissa Wine Details
Price: $22.00 per bottle

Description: Sweet Melissa is similar to Classic Mead, except that it has more honey and a much sweeter, distinctively honey finish. It's not cloying or sticky. On the tip of your tongue you'll experience the honey but on the back of your palate the finish is off dry and beckons you to have another sip. It is a full bodied and heavenly mead - definitely in the dessert category. It has slightly higher acidity than our drier meads this balances out the sweetness. Alcohol is apparent, but not dominate. Great with dessert or as a sipping dessert. If you enjoy dessert wines, you owe it to yourself to give Sweet Melissa a try.

Varietal Definition
Fermented beverage made with honey, water and yeast optionally with flavoring ingredients.


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