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Myrtille Blueberry fruit wine

Myrtille (Blueberry fruit wine) Wine Details
Price: $9.00 per bottle

Description: This wine is extremely popular with those willing to try something new. It is made exclusively from crushed blueberries (myrtille in French) and has a deep purple color. This is a surprisingly complex wine. As the glass is lifted to the face, there is a pronounced scent of blueberries. The taste and mouthfeel, however, is that of a light-bodied red wine, much like a Beaujolais. The finish again gives the flavor and scent of bluberries. This is best served chilled and will go with just about any food except heavily flavored sauces. The winemaker likes it best as an apertif in the late afternoon. Expensive to produce, this wine will only be offered every other year.


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