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Broken Press Shiraz

Broken Press Shiraz Wine Details
Price: $32.20 per bottle

Description: Necessity is the mother of (re-)invention. An inflatable bladder on our little old basket press popped midway through pressing a small quantity of very ripe Viognier, leaving us with half-pressed high-quality skins. After a bit of head-scratching and gnashing of teeth, we recalled that the great Shiraz-based wines of the northern Rhône valley often contain small amounts of Viognier. So we bucketed Viognier must into some Shiraz ferments and were amazed at the resulting impact on wine aromatics. 95% Syrah, 5% Viognier from our St. David’s vineyard, fermented in small batches and aged 19 months in French oak. At best from 2007-2012.

Varietal Definition
Alternate name for the french Syrah clone grape grown in Australia and responsible for very big red wines that are not quite as intense in flavor as the french Rhone versions.


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