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Seyval Blanc - Sweet

Seyval Blanc - Sweet Wine Details
Price: $9.00 per bottle

Description: A French-American hybrid grape that can be used to make high quality white wines of various styles. Crisp, fruity dry versions have sometimes been likened to French "Chablis" in aroma and taste. Wine intensity tends to be perceived as "thin", consequently either malolactic or barrel fermentation followed by oak aging is recommended to enhance quality. This variety is also one of the parents of Chardonel, a hybrid-grape cross sharing Chardonnay as the other parent.

Varietal Definition
Seyval Blanc:
A French hybrid that is often thought of as "East Coast Chardonnay," or at least an alternative to same. Produced in a crisp, dry style, this white wine is often fermented or aged in oak to enhance the rather neutral flavors of the grape itself. It lends itself to service at the dining table and is food friendly. Seyval Blanc is often used in proprietary blends; good examples can be found from Prejean, Clinton and Ch√Ęteau Lafayette Reneau.


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