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Pie Cherry - Semi-Dry

Pie Cherry - Semi-Dry Wine Details
Price: $19.00 per bottle

Description: This wine is produced from the fruit of Northstar, Montmorency and other local pie cherry trees so old that no one knows the lineage of the tree! It has a surprising cherry / almond aroma and a good acid content. This fruit displays it’s characteristics and identity well after fermentation when served at any sweetness. A drier wine reminds one of the natural tartness of the fruit (if you love them straight from the tree!). This is fruit is commonly served sweetened in pies and desserts, so if that is your preference you will best enjoy a sweet condition. We can not recommended a sweetness for this superb wine. We love them all! Perhaps some of each sweetness and you decide! Our serving recommendation would vary with the sweetness you select. Perhaps a dry aperitif? Semi-dry with a salad or shellfish? Also pairs well with pork, especially ham! Sweet with a more robust meal or sweet for an after dinner dessert!


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