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Grignolino Port

Grignolino Port Wine Details

Description: The 2003 Grignolino Port announces itself with a deep garnet hue and a wondrously floral aroma, hinting at orange blossoms. Rich and mouth-filling, the Grignolino varietal conveys a lively, citrus note to the palate. Tiptoeing around sweetness to a well-balanced position, it is an elegant Port that drinks beautifully now. This distinctive ruby-style wine will bring any meal or evening to a lovely conclusion.

Varietal Definition
Indigenous to Italy’s Piedmont region, Grignolino is only a minor grape in its homeland, where it makes light red wines with characteristic herbaceous and floral aromas. Less than 50 acres of Grignolino exist in California, where only a small number of wineries utilize this variety. In the Golden State, the most recognized Grignolino is the rosé long made by Heitz Wine Cellars.


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