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Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc Wine Details
Price: $21.00 per bottle

Description: Our Pinot Blancs are always refreshing wines with racy fruit, quite showy but not over-the-top. There is elegance in its finesse. Pinot Blanc thrives in a cool site like our hillsides near the ocean, where all varieties ripen slowly, bringing ripe flavors without excessive sugar. We slowly ferment the Pinot Blanc to feature the minerally citrus aroma. It is crisp with an aroma suggesting peach and citrus blossoms, Crenshaw melon, grapefruit and tangerine. Since the wine is made without barrels, those floral and fruit elements remain prominent. In fact, this is the only wine of ours that I recommend well chilled. It is a natural choice to serve with oysters or Thai food.

Varietal Definition
Pinot Blanc:
White grape popular for the dry white wines it produces. Increasingly grown in California, the Northwest, Northeast, Canada.


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