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Syrah American Oak

Syrah American Oak Wine Details
Price: $15.50 per bottle

Description: is is also a dry, rich red wine, but aged in American Oak Barrels that give it a slightly different taste. The aroma is reminiscent of blackberries with a slight smokey oak taste that becomes more intense as it breathes.

Varietal Definition
Syrah is the eight hundred pound gorilla of Rhone grapes! In the vineyard and the winery, Syrah is typically an easy grape to work with - healthy, early ripening, resistant to mildew and rot; suitable for winemaking in a variety of styles. The wines from Syrah are tannic without being harsh. The wines will have a taste and smell of dark blue fruit like blackberries and blackcurrant, with a strong spicy side where one can find freshly ground pepper and other spices. Syrah is famous for its part in the French blends, such as Côtes du Rhone and Châteauneuf du Pape.


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